04 April, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 94 - Always 17

I shall remember this date whenever I'm sipping my bubble jelly tea or iced lemon tea.

This is what happened this morning :

I was too tired working in front of my computer from 8A.M. till almost 12 noon without giving my eyes and muscles any rest. So I had decided to take a break, since my stomach is "crying" for bubble jelly tea at the time. And without thinking any further, I dragged my feet headed to the school's canteen. (There ain't any students in the canteen in this hour since their recess time had already over.)

I picked this Canteen A because they have bubble jelly tea (We got altogether 3 canteens in the school). And I have to admit it, I only pay a visit to the canteen once a while during my 6 years of employment in the school. So, I won't blamed anyone of them if they don't know that I'm actually a staff from the school.

So, below is the conversation in between me with one of the Canteen A's worker :

Me: Hello, may I have a cup of bubble jelly tea, please ???

Worker A: *Staring at me from head to tail* Recess time is over, student cannot buy food and drink in this hour.

Me: *Smiled at her* (MUTE MODE)

Worker B: (She knows I'm actually staff of the school) She is not a student.

Worker A: *Shocked with mouth opened wide* I'm sorry, our bubble jelly tea is out of stock.

Me: It's ok, a bottle of Iced lemon tea then. *Throwing a smile back* (But in my mind saying "Hello, I'm in my working clothes and not with my school uniform, please.")

Haha.... I think this is the 3rd case already people miss-judged me by my look and my height (150cm). Not bad huh ??? 17/18 years old look in a late 20's years old's body. LOL !!! Will share with you all, my other 2 stories next time. Good day!!!

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