09 March, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 68 - 1,800 Versus 18,000

Photo Credit : Johny Walker

Urgh....!!!! So finally I can blow out all my bad gases now. What a big relief for me at last. The guests who were came all the way from National University of Singapore (NUS) for their short visit to our school and doing research on our local's culture in our school's library had left us. Whenever there are visitors about to visit, the whole school is like "attacked" by a massive "Tsunami". Everyone was busy like for the whole week with a return of 15 mins "Stop By" by the guests.

Since I had been told early on that the guest was a Chinese. And they might more focusing on the Chinese section (My section) . So, I need to navigate and give explanation to them. Along the entire process, I had made a silly mistake due to my sudden nervous. Honestly, I seldom speak in public where thousand pairs of eyes staring at me at one times.

To cut it short, here is the part of conversation where I made a mistake while navigating the guests with the accompany of few library teachers touring around the bookshelves :

Me : There you go, Sir!!! Here are our bookshelves..... bla....bla.... bla...
(Stopping by Chinese section)

Guest A : How many books do you have in the whole library ?? (With a serious face)

Me : Around 1,800, Sir. (Nervous mode on + an "Oh no!!!!" face)

(Straightaway knowing that I had made a mistake, I re-corrected my statement right after we (me and another library teacher) thrown an eye contact to each other.)

Guest A : 1,800 ??

Me : Yes, Sir. 1,800 for Chinese books only as for the whole library, we have around 18,000. *PHEW!!!!* That was close!!!!

Dang me!!!! How can I messed up 1,800 with 18,000 ??? Just because a "o" , it's already a big gap there. Hope I wont be repeating my mistake again in future.

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