08 February, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 39 - My New Boyfriend

Seriously, I'm not those kind of girlish girl who will drag along Barbie dolls with me wherever I go. But, I do have a collection of soft dolls which they had been sharing a single bed size with me for the past 8 years. So now, let me introduce my "boyfriends" to all of you:

Lil' Piggie (1# Boyfriend) - A gift from my buddy (Imelda) & ex-colleague (Tommy) during the first year on my first job.

Mr. Garfield (The love of my life ) - A birthday present from my buddy (Imelda).

Bob Bob - Bought it myself during my family trip to Kuala Lumpur few years ago.

Lil' Doggie (My current boyfriend now) - Just got it today from my friend (Winx). And it was actually my 28th birthday's gift in 2010. (Half years ago. Hahaha.... But only I got it today.)

There you go.... All my "Boyfriends". Ain't they all handsome ??? Heh... Heh...

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