03 February, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 34 - Vegetarian Day

Gong Hey Fatt Choy !! To all my Chinese readers out there. How's your re-union dinner last night?? Well, I do had a bountiful dinner with all my family members, nice gathering with all my relatives who had came down to the city once a year.

As a tradition for the Chinese, we usually had this vegetarian dish (Yesh!!! You can't find any single piece of meat in this pot. Not even one :D) during the first day of Lunar Chinese New Year.

What Do We Have Inside The Pot ??? (Ingredients)

1. Vermicelles (Much more similar to rice noodles)

2. Mushrooms

3. Bean curd

4. Yuba

5. Jujube

And some others ingredients too. The taste is simply delicious.


JustB said...

now i really miss this :S

BOO said...

haha...... come back again next Chinese New Year.... Then you can have it again... :D

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