09 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 9 - A World Without Facebook

Have you ever think about that what if Facebook suddenly disappeared from your life?? Can you live a life without Facebook??

According from an article I read this morning in weeklyworldnews.com, the founder is gonna shut his site down:


My first reaction was like "What!!! No more Farmville for me anymore ??? *Sob**Sob*

So, I guess everyone is gonna back to the basic again if the statement is true. (That's stick on Friendster, Myspace, Twitter or even Tagged.)

Do drop me your opinions and tell me what do you think about this matter.


Auron Declan said...

the con part about it is we'll be disconnected from most famous virtual world of all time.

now the good part is...the only way for us to get connected, we need to disconnect ourselves first. I guess social and reality will then improved.

BOO said...

dream is dream..... now is the right time to wake up and get back to reality..... wakkakak....

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