07 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 7 - "Monkeys" Attack !!!

*SCREAM* "Horeey !!!" Finally, weekend is here. It's been a stressful days for me over the past four days and today even exhausted enough to kill myself.

In conjunction with new semester of the school, the administration of our school had prepared an orientation weeks for the new students. In order to get these new students to adapt themselves to a new environment. One of the place that they need to explore is the library. (My department)

My goodness, the situation was like a bunch of monkeys been released from the zoo. It took us one whole morning given an hour of briefing for four batches of new students. Luckily, me and my colleague were only helping up the teacher in charge, whereby she was the one who briefed.

New "monkeys" in the zoo

P/S: Oh yes, remember what I'd promised yesterday ? "The Mystery Of The Bitten Plastic Flower" - Maybe the "murderer" realized that we gonna set a trap to trap it. In the end, it din't turn up after all. Booo!!!!!

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