05 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 5 - "Multi Purpose" VS "Mati Pupus"

I bet most of you might be puzzling what does my blog post's title means ??? Well, for my foreign blog readers,here is the meaning of "Mati Pupus" (in Malay) means "off extinction". A common phrases that me and my ex colleagues used to call ourselves because of doing almost everything and anything out of our own major field.

And today, suddenly I reflected back to those situations in my previous job even though my current job didn't bring me to "Mati Pupus" level so often. But "yes" for today it did. Since school terms just started, everyone in the school was busy like hell.

Today I played another role besides as a "Book-Keeper". I'm a "Lady Photocopy" as well.

This morning, i went to the photocopy room to settle some photocopy matters. By the time I reached there, there isn't any staff in the room (usually there is one staff in the room), except a teacher named Mr. Antonius. He told me: "Well, help yourself." Oh my god, I'm totally a noob in handling those big machines. But thank god, he lent me a helping hand by taught me how to use those big machines. So there you go two reams altogether done.

After done with my photocopy, I'd to carry my two reams of materials back to library all by myself. (For your information, library and the photocopy room is located in two different separated buildings.) *SWEAT* But, thank God I met Mr. Azmie (Another nice teacher) who helped me assigned his students to help me carried my materials back to library. That's pretty save me a lot energy.

Thanks Mr. Antonius and Mr. Azmie. Both of you are truly a gentlemen :D

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