05 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 5 - Little Designer

Haiz..... Yesterday, I forgot to lock one of the library's door and switched off one of the computer in the library. And today I left my camera in the library again. "Boo, oh Boo... Why are you so forgetful??" Haiz!!! (Thanks to my colleague - Charles for keeping the camera for me, otherwise I'm gonna lost it.)

Well, besides playing the role of "Book-Keeper" and "Lady of Photocopy". I'm too a "Designer" as well today. This year the library did a slightly re-shuffled. Instead of using the front door for "Entrance" and "Exit" purpose. We had separated it by using two doors. (Front door for "Entrance and another door for "Exit".) Due to most of the students get used to "enter" and "go out" using the front door, moreover there is only a "Exit" sign without a "Entrance" sign sticked in both doors.

So, I came out with this idea of requesting my head of department to help me out by asking somebody who is expert in making signboard to make one for the library. And yes, she agreed with my idea but I must came out with a sketch first. So there you go:

I'd spent the afternoon time to come out with this result. (With some adjustment made by my colleague - Charles)

So, how do you guys feel about my design? (Feel free to comment about it)

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