03 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 3 - Did You Shrunk Your Feet ?

Gahhhhhh..... Honestly to tell the truth, I'm still intoxicating inside my "Dream World" (Holiday). Even though, school terms had just started today. But no matter how??? Reality is real, got to get back to my "Real World". That's "Working, working and also working".

Today I wore a pair of special-made new shoes which I had re-made since last year and just collected yesterday. (Cos my old pair of shoes had been expanded since it was made out of leather).

Actually the size of this current shoes is one size smaller than my previous expanded shoes. I bet all of you already knew the reason why I ordered a smaller size now. Yes!!! Clever.... Cos It will "EXPANDED" anyway few months right after I wear on it.

Well, some kids from the school raised a question for me today. "Did you shrunk your feet??". I was like "Wadda ???" Heh... Heh...

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