27 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 27 - Library Alone (Part 1)

It was the first day of the school annual sport day today. The school had booked one of the stadium in town, since our own stadium still under-construction. I was just nested in my library all alone since I don't have to be on duty this year. Whereby, my other 4 colleagues had their duty each.

I had never like to be alone. especially in the library. You almost can hear all kind of creepy voices like someone is flipping the books on the bookshelves or unlock the sliding door. And today I came across of receiving 2 strange texts. Well, it's more like the sender sending he/her text to a wrong recipient, and I knew it was from a teacher.

There you go... Translation I had made for the Malay text into English text:

Picture #1 (left) - "Red Crescent Society's members haven't get their breakfast??"

Picture #2 (right) - "Lunch box for Red Crescent Society's members is ready, come and claim it."

I wondered who sent these texts ?? I had got no replies from the sender when I text them back asking who is on the line. Gosh !!! Let's hope there won't be any weird happening on my second day of library alone tomorrow.

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