02 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 2 - Eau De Toilette

Finally I got myself a bottle of "Eau De Toilette" (Perfume) from The Body Shop.

I had been thinking of getting myself a bottle of perfume that's suit me long ago. Yes!!! And I did it today. And it cost me around RM48. Love the smell of "Aqua Lily". :D

P/S: School is going to re-open tomorrow. Wish me luck in handling my library and meeting "The Monkeys" again. X(


maslight said...

You know Eau De Parfum has stronger and lasting smell? ;D

BOO said...

Mas: Yalor.... Even I sprayed it since this morning 6 o'clock. Until now after I took my bath and I still can smell the scent of the perfume. Nice desu :D

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