17 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 17 - "Monster" Invasion

*Everybody, let's unite together !!!!!!* "Prepared yourself flamethrower cos a monster called "Nian" is about to invade our "Kennel" in just two weeks time.*

Haha... Just kidding.

Well, the footsteps of the Lunar Chinese New Year is getting closer. But it's seems I don't even have the festive's spirit, not even a bit honestly. Probably been busy with my work ever since the school had started with a new semester. Seriously, I need a space to breathe.

As usual, no matter what sort of festivities, usually there will be a decoration moment in the library done by my "monkeys". So this year, in conjunction with the upcoming Lunar Chinese New Year, my "monkeys" purposely placed a musical unicorn toy facing exactly in front of my working desk.

Seriously, it's not funny and pretty annoying when most of my "monkeys" played with it by turning on the music mode. And the "Master Wong" theme sounded. I guess I will have to bear the sound pollution while waiting for Chap Goh Mei takes it's place . Oh no!!!! My nightmare has just started!!!!

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