16 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 16 - Familiar And Unfamiliar

Boys and girls,

How many of you do have someone to be called "Bosom Friend" on your own?? Well, I do have to admit that I got plenty of "Old Buddy", "Hi-Bye" friends, "Not-So-Close" friends, "Friend-With-A-Purpose" kind of friends surrounding me.

But this morning I bumped up with one of my high school's friend. A friend that influenced me a lot during my teenage life.

A friend that who protected me in any situations.

A friend that who always lent an ears whenever I'm in downside.

A friend that who stretched out her hands whenever I fell down.

A friend that who qualified to be called a "Bosom Friend".

A friend that who held my hands every time we meet up. (Exactly like Anne Shirley & Diana Barry in "Anne Of Green Gable")

It's been more than 10 years, since our last meet up. The feeling of "Familiar and Unfamiliar" of being holding each other hands again is kinda weird but sweet for me.

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