15 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 15 - The Joy Of Reading

Being a books keeper for almost 7 years now. I bet most of you will think that I'd probably already read a mountain of books. But to tell the truth, not really. Since most of the time, I spent in books processing, dealing with "Monkeys". This and that. It's hardly to settle myself down for reading even only a page of book.

But, last year I'd been tempted by this series of books, which is The "Twilight Saga" by Stephenie Meyer. (Blamed it to the movie, but I still prefer reading the book instead of watching the movies because the acting was kinda boring)

Somehow, I got myself one whole collection of the books. And because some reasons, I had stopped my reading halfway on the second book - "New Moon". So this year, I plan to pick up the books and start my reading again.

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