13 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 13 - Herbal Jelly

*Blek* Auron Declan...... Nah !!!

Herbal jelly not only for you, I got mine as well. :D (Although, mine's from Taman Foh Sang, but the taste is definitely comparable with those selling at Petaling Street) Heh... Heh....

Oh my gosh!!! I think I had been pushing myself too much to finish up tonnes of works which is still pending in my hand lately. Stop pushing me, will you??? People often think that being a librarian is such an easy task. Well, please never judge it until you yourself experienced it. Only for those who put their hands on it, knows exactly where is the "Joy" and where is the "Stress" is.......

Tears behind a smile, no one will know.

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