12 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 12 - I Hate Medication

Wasting almost half of my day sitting inside Urology Clinic while waiting the nurse just about to find out my case note today, in returned with just a ten minutes or perhaps fifteen minutes of meeting up with my Urologist is not funny. (Seriously, nurses at the Urology Department have to make an effort to upgrade their quality of service)

So today I went to meet my Urologist to see what he has to say regarding my ultrasound report which I did last Monday. He made a double confirmed that there is a renal stone measuring 0.4cm grown in my right kidney. His suggestion was asking me to take a three months of medication in syrup formed followed by consuming of three pills the night before I'm proceeding my X-ray in July. (This is to ensure that the renal stone that grew inside my kidney shattered by itself) In case, the small calculus failed to be shattered out. They might perform a minor surgery.

Yucks........!!!!! I hate medication :(

By the way, before I end up my post for the day. Let me share with you two funny names I heard (only pronunciation not sure for the spelling) while I'm waiting in the clinic today. (Sorry to all my non-Malaysia readers, you might don't understand what are these two names mean, But I will translate it into English)

Funny Names Everywhere

1) Ayam Pandu (Chicken Driving)

2) Anjing Pondan (A Shemale Dog)

Thanks for reading :D

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