01 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 1 - New Year Versus Tasteless Green Tea Ice Cream

Burp!!! Excuse me... Happy New Year 2011, every human around the globe!!! XD

As entered the first day of 2011, I want to take the challenge "365 Days Of...." as well that everyone has been doing right now. I found it's quite interesting. Here are the two fellows bloggers who had been practicing the "365 Days Of....":

So, I'm gonna start mine "365 Days Of Memory" either today similar with "Aaron's Project 365".

How's everybody's New Year countdown??? Well, as for me, I didn't have one for this year but I do have an unforgettable dinner with my buddies. And who made this day unforgettable ???

Tada !!! Mr. Tasteless Green Tea Ice Cream

I guess, this is the most tasteless ice cream I ever had in my life so far.


Josephine Kiun said...

hey Ashley!! long time no see le! Happy New Year to u ya! btw whr did u buy this ice cream? feel like wanna try it.. =)

BOO said...

Hi, Jo!!! Happy New year to you too!!! Where have you been??? Well, I had this ice cream during my new year dinner with friends at Funky Town somewhere around Damai lor.

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