31 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 31 - Popcorn & Movie Night

*BURP* Ooops.....Sorry :D Stomach was bloated with popcorn. Had my first movie session of the year with a bunch of ex-high schoolmates. Overall, popcorn was delicious, movie was good though (I love the explosion scenes in the movie very much, It was the most beautiful explosion scenes I had ever seen.), but I was shivering all night long even though I had my jacket covered up my body. The air-condition system inside the theater seems full blast. We managed to bump with 2 of our ex-high schoolmates too (Jonathan and Julius).

To: Tina, Koch, Orman and Collin,

Thanks a lot and It's been a great night to catch up with you guys. :D

30 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 30 - Huuuugee...!!! Lollipop.

Found this slightly bigger than a baseball sized of lollipop selling in a store, when I was at the airport's arrival hall, waiting to pick up my sister who is coming back for Lunar Chinese New Year. It cost about RM60 each. Wow!!!! I had never seen such a huge lollipop in my life before. I only managed to hold the lollipop up with both of my hands.

29 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 29 - Cotton Candies

Oh gosh!!! Lots of cotton candies for Lunar Chinese New Year. This reminds me of those dipped in a "Fountain Of Chocolate"I had during my visit to a Christmas Bazaar at downtown Christmas last year. It's so yummylicious.

28 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 28 - Library Alone (Part 2)

Second day of my library alone experience. Thank God!!! Nothing special happened such like "Little Casper - The Friendly Ghost Came To Visit". I was sitting on my chair in front of my working desk trying to finish up my unfinished job before I start my Lunar Chinese New Year holiday few days later. It's pretty boring indeed.

Thus, I grabbed my camera out of my purse and started to play with it. Actually I was thinking to take a stroll around the small Chinese Garden which located in front of another building. But looks like I was forbidden by the bad weather and ended up locking myself up in this cozy room.

27 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 27 - Library Alone (Part 1)

It was the first day of the school annual sport day today. The school had booked one of the stadium in town, since our own stadium still under-construction. I was just nested in my library all alone since I don't have to be on duty this year. Whereby, my other 4 colleagues had their duty each.

I had never like to be alone. especially in the library. You almost can hear all kind of creepy voices like someone is flipping the books on the bookshelves or unlock the sliding door. And today I came across of receiving 2 strange texts. Well, it's more like the sender sending he/her text to a wrong recipient, and I knew it was from a teacher.

There you go... Translation I had made for the Malay text into English text:

Picture #1 (left) - "Red Crescent Society's members haven't get their breakfast??"

Picture #2 (right) - "Lunch box for Red Crescent Society's members is ready, come and claim it."

I wondered who sent these texts ?? I had got no replies from the sender when I text them back asking who is on the line. Gosh !!! Let's hope there won't be any weird happening on my second day of library alone tomorrow.

26 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 26 - Boo, The Vitamin C "Distributor".

Told you earlier on, I'm as multipurpose as I'm used to be. This minute, I'm might be a books-keeper. But the next minute, I had transformed myself into "Goddess Fortuna", who was busy with job on distributing mandarin oranges.

Vitamin C, anyone ??? An orange a day, keep the doctor away :D

25 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 25 - I Love You, Mr. Plaster !!!

Dear Mr. Plaster,

Now that I had falling in love with you,
You cured my cuts on my finger,
You stopped the bleeding,
You protected me from feeling pain,
While I still can enjoying my shower,
While I still can enjoying my dish-washing,
You protected my finger from becoming disfigured.

I love you, Mr. Plaster :D

24 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 24 - I Cut Myself Again

Ouch!!! Ya-Ba-Da-Ba-DooOoo....!!! *Screamed like Flinstone*

This is my second times of the month since I'd been "bitten" by A4 size paper this morning at my workplace. It's not funny, that I nearly screamed almost every time my finger exposed to the water, due to the slightly bleeding and skin peeled off. So the better solution is, to hide it under "Mr. Plaster". Let's hope that it won't disfigured then.

23 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 23 - Ridiculous

Ok, I know it's pretty ridiculous, to have a shower gel as a shampoo for your hair wash. Well, I did it by mistake today. Since the two bottles were sitting next to each other. Urgh...... and my hair smelled like Dettol now. It's not just killing my dandruff, but the bacterias get killed at the same time too.

Lesson To Learn:

"Never ever placed your shower gel and shampoo together, or else your hair will smelled like Dettol." :P

22 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 22 - My "Firfle" Color Pouch

So, yesterday all of you had seen my new external hard disc. Just as when I thought where could I get a "nice place" for "HIM" to stay in. Right after someone suggested me to go and check at Daiso (Which is a famous store selling all kind of Japanese stuffs), I had actually spotted this :

Can you guess what is this "Firfle" pouch originally for ??? Tada!!!! Well, it's actually a pouch for glasses. Hmm..... Nowadays, those optic shops using this kind of pouch for their customers' glasses, instead of those solid glasses case.

21 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 21 - Now That All My Photos Got Their New Home

Aha.....!!! At last......!!! My external hard disc is here which I asked my sister to get one for me that cost me around RM199. The first item I'd invested my money this year. Next item will be a second hand DSLR camera which cost me around RM1,500. *Saving $$-ing still in progress........*

Finally all my photos and movies got their "New Home" already. Pity for them to squeeze themselves like sardines in my drive D all this while.

*Oh dear!!! My poor photos and movies, poor drive D, poor lappy. Now that you get your freedom back".

20 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 20 - Beh Tahan

*Look at the clock* It's only 10:56PM. Well, unlike other days of me, who can stay awake until midnight. But tonight I got to surrender. My body is weary and my eyelids are hard to lift up.

Looks like my 3 little friends here: Piggy (Hm.... I think little Piggy needs a shower), Garfield and Spongebob is calling me to play with them in the "Boo Boo's Dream Theme Park ".



19 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 19 - Called me Ms. Hiew, I'm not Ms. Miew

Wadda ???? This year is the seventh year since I'm working as a books-keeper in the school's library. At the same time, this year is the seventh year they spelled my name wrongly in the school year book as well. Pretty disappointed though, how come they can spell my name wrongly and never did an amendment for their mistake, even though I told them to do correction every year. I so not like that "MIEW" sound. It's sounded like a cat making a "MEOW" sound :( pretty annoying.

18 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 18 - Cold & Hot

It's been raining non-stop since last year. Every night the temperature seems dropped like "roller-coaster". So did my body temperature as well. How I wish I could have a nice cup of warm chocolate to ease my body temperature down.

17 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 17 - "Monster" Invasion

*Everybody, let's unite together !!!!!!* "Prepared yourself flamethrower cos a monster called "Nian" is about to invade our "Kennel" in just two weeks time.*

Haha... Just kidding.

Well, the footsteps of the Lunar Chinese New Year is getting closer. But it's seems I don't even have the festive's spirit, not even a bit honestly. Probably been busy with my work ever since the school had started with a new semester. Seriously, I need a space to breathe.

As usual, no matter what sort of festivities, usually there will be a decoration moment in the library done by my "monkeys". So this year, in conjunction with the upcoming Lunar Chinese New Year, my "monkeys" purposely placed a musical unicorn toy facing exactly in front of my working desk.

Seriously, it's not funny and pretty annoying when most of my "monkeys" played with it by turning on the music mode. And the "Master Wong" theme sounded. I guess I will have to bear the sound pollution while waiting for Chap Goh Mei takes it's place . Oh no!!!! My nightmare has just started!!!!

16 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 16 - Familiar And Unfamiliar

Boys and girls,

How many of you do have someone to be called "Bosom Friend" on your own?? Well, I do have to admit that I got plenty of "Old Buddy", "Hi-Bye" friends, "Not-So-Close" friends, "Friend-With-A-Purpose" kind of friends surrounding me.

But this morning I bumped up with one of my high school's friend. A friend that influenced me a lot during my teenage life.

A friend that who protected me in any situations.

A friend that who always lent an ears whenever I'm in downside.

A friend that who stretched out her hands whenever I fell down.

A friend that who qualified to be called a "Bosom Friend".

A friend that who held my hands every time we meet up. (Exactly like Anne Shirley & Diana Barry in "Anne Of Green Gable")

It's been more than 10 years, since our last meet up. The feeling of "Familiar and Unfamiliar" of being holding each other hands again is kinda weird but sweet for me.

15 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 15 - The Joy Of Reading

Being a books keeper for almost 7 years now. I bet most of you will think that I'd probably already read a mountain of books. But to tell the truth, not really. Since most of the time, I spent in books processing, dealing with "Monkeys". This and that. It's hardly to settle myself down for reading even only a page of book.

But, last year I'd been tempted by this series of books, which is The "Twilight Saga" by Stephenie Meyer. (Blamed it to the movie, but I still prefer reading the book instead of watching the movies because the acting was kinda boring)

Somehow, I got myself one whole collection of the books. And because some reasons, I had stopped my reading halfway on the second book - "New Moon". So this year, I plan to pick up the books and start my reading again.

14 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 14 - Three Goals Of The Year

Just a blink of eyes, it was already the fourteen days since the new year.

Early of new year I had set myself 3 goals :

This is how my idea of "365 Of Memory" blog post emerged. (Blog frequently) So next time, don't be curious if you see me taking pictures almost everywhere anytime. Cos it is part of my goal for "365 Days Of Memory" mission.

If you are one of the people who are contacting me always (mostly in my workplace), you might notice that there is always a black thin note book with me. Aha..... That's it!!!! A book to remind me with my schedule of the day. A book to keep me on track in my "Daily Bible Reading".

I did this almost every of the beginning for the years, but usually I will give up halfway easily. That's why I need a personal planner to keep me in routine.

Let's hope that I can fulfill all of my goals until the end of the year.

"GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!"

13 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 13 - Herbal Jelly

*Blek* Auron Declan...... Nah !!!

Herbal jelly not only for you, I got mine as well. :D (Although, mine's from Taman Foh Sang, but the taste is definitely comparable with those selling at Petaling Street) Heh... Heh....

Oh my gosh!!! I think I had been pushing myself too much to finish up tonnes of works which is still pending in my hand lately. Stop pushing me, will you??? People often think that being a librarian is such an easy task. Well, please never judge it until you yourself experienced it. Only for those who put their hands on it, knows exactly where is the "Joy" and where is the "Stress" is.......

Tears behind a smile, no one will know.

12 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 12 - I Hate Medication

Wasting almost half of my day sitting inside Urology Clinic while waiting the nurse just about to find out my case note today, in returned with just a ten minutes or perhaps fifteen minutes of meeting up with my Urologist is not funny. (Seriously, nurses at the Urology Department have to make an effort to upgrade their quality of service)

So today I went to meet my Urologist to see what he has to say regarding my ultrasound report which I did last Monday. He made a double confirmed that there is a renal stone measuring 0.4cm grown in my right kidney. His suggestion was asking me to take a three months of medication in syrup formed followed by consuming of three pills the night before I'm proceeding my X-ray in July. (This is to ensure that the renal stone that grew inside my kidney shattered by itself) In case, the small calculus failed to be shattered out. They might perform a minor surgery.

Yucks........!!!!! I hate medication :(

By the way, before I end up my post for the day. Let me share with you two funny names I heard (only pronunciation not sure for the spelling) while I'm waiting in the clinic today. (Sorry to all my non-Malaysia readers, you might don't understand what are these two names mean, But I will translate it into English)

Funny Names Everywhere

1) Ayam Pandu (Chicken Driving)

2) Anjing Pondan (A Shemale Dog)

Thanks for reading :D

11 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 11 - Hoorey !!! I'm Still A Farmer Anyway :D

Last Sunday, I just blogged about the closing of the "Facebook" website this coming 15th March resource from the weeklyworldnews.com. But yesterday, I read about another statement came out from the local newspapers and Facebook itself through it's own page. By saying that they wont close down their website. So, that's means weeklyworldnews.com is turning the world upside down. What's their motives anyway???

Whatever motives it is, the founder had explained it and claimed that he won't closed down the site. So, that's mean I'm still a "farmer" after all. Hoorey!!!!!!! By the way I would like to say "Thank you" to Shaz (one of my Fb's friend) for teaching me how to make this print screen. "Thanks!!!! Friend :D"

10 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 10 - Ultrasound

"Cold!!! It's freaking cold!!! Until now I still can feel the cold inside the Ultrasound Room." *SHIVERING*

Done with my ultrasound today. Result ??? *BAD NEWS* The small calculus measuring 0.4cm which we encountered a year ago still playing around in my right kidney. A further explanation will be done by my Urologist this coming Wednesday. Let's hope there's a solution to get rid this calculus.

Oh ya, the Ultrasound Department had moved to another new building. While I was waiting my turn to go inside the cozy room, something really caught my attention.

Can anyone tell me, what is this room for ???

09 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 9 - A World Without Facebook

Have you ever think about that what if Facebook suddenly disappeared from your life?? Can you live a life without Facebook??

According from an article I read this morning in weeklyworldnews.com, the founder is gonna shut his site down:


My first reaction was like "What!!! No more Farmville for me anymore ??? *Sob**Sob*

So, I guess everyone is gonna back to the basic again if the statement is true. (That's stick on Friendster, Myspace, Twitter or even Tagged.)

Do drop me your opinions and tell me what do you think about this matter.

08 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 8 - "Monkeys", Let's Go Green. Shall We ???

I bet working on a Saturday has always been not fun to everyone. (For you and for me either) Who would willing to wake up so early on weekends ?? As for me, I got no choice, since my working hour is 5 and a half days a week.

So here I'm this morning, still typing and rushing tonnes of students' data update in the library. got to finish it before the students can borrow books. While me and my colleague busy with our typing, on the other hand, some "monkeys" were doing their planting in the small garden led by their teacher in our little small garden outside the library.

They seems having so much fun.

Dear "monkeys",

It's fun for you all to get dirty once a while, Isn't it?? How about getting you all wet next time ?? Heh... Heh...

07 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 7 - "Monkeys" Attack !!!

*SCREAM* "Horeey !!!" Finally, weekend is here. It's been a stressful days for me over the past four days and today even exhausted enough to kill myself.

In conjunction with new semester of the school, the administration of our school had prepared an orientation weeks for the new students. In order to get these new students to adapt themselves to a new environment. One of the place that they need to explore is the library. (My department)

My goodness, the situation was like a bunch of monkeys been released from the zoo. It took us one whole morning given an hour of briefing for four batches of new students. Luckily, me and my colleague were only helping up the teacher in charge, whereby she was the one who briefed.

New "monkeys" in the zoo

P/S: Oh yes, remember what I'd promised yesterday ? "The Mystery Of The Bitten Plastic Flower" - Maybe the "murderer" realized that we gonna set a trap to trap it. In the end, it din't turn up after all. Booo!!!!!

06 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 6 - Mystery Of A Bitten Plastic Flower

So, we had been receiving few complaints saying that some of our plastic flowers which we decorated in our small garden outside the library been bitten by some unknown creatures lately. Thus, we are going to do an experiment to find out who is the "MURDERER". Our experiment as below:

Action: Placing a bouquet of flower near a staircase overnight (Which is facing the CCTV)

Well, let's see what will happen then in the next day......

05 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 5 - Little Designer

Haiz..... Yesterday, I forgot to lock one of the library's door and switched off one of the computer in the library. And today I left my camera in the library again. "Boo, oh Boo... Why are you so forgetful??" Haiz!!! (Thanks to my colleague - Charles for keeping the camera for me, otherwise I'm gonna lost it.)

Well, besides playing the role of "Book-Keeper" and "Lady of Photocopy". I'm too a "Designer" as well today. This year the library did a slightly re-shuffled. Instead of using the front door for "Entrance" and "Exit" purpose. We had separated it by using two doors. (Front door for "Entrance and another door for "Exit".) Due to most of the students get used to "enter" and "go out" using the front door, moreover there is only a "Exit" sign without a "Entrance" sign sticked in both doors.

So, I came out with this idea of requesting my head of department to help me out by asking somebody who is expert in making signboard to make one for the library. And yes, she agreed with my idea but I must came out with a sketch first. So there you go:

I'd spent the afternoon time to come out with this result. (With some adjustment made by my colleague - Charles)

So, how do you guys feel about my design? (Feel free to comment about it)

365 Days Of Memory : Day 5 - "Multi Purpose" VS "Mati Pupus"

I bet most of you might be puzzling what does my blog post's title means ??? Well, for my foreign blog readers,here is the meaning of "Mati Pupus" (in Malay) means "off extinction". A common phrases that me and my ex colleagues used to call ourselves because of doing almost everything and anything out of our own major field.

And today, suddenly I reflected back to those situations in my previous job even though my current job didn't bring me to "Mati Pupus" level so often. But "yes" for today it did. Since school terms just started, everyone in the school was busy like hell.

Today I played another role besides as a "Book-Keeper". I'm a "Lady Photocopy" as well.

This morning, i went to the photocopy room to settle some photocopy matters. By the time I reached there, there isn't any staff in the room (usually there is one staff in the room), except a teacher named Mr. Antonius. He told me: "Well, help yourself." Oh my god, I'm totally a noob in handling those big machines. But thank god, he lent me a helping hand by taught me how to use those big machines. So there you go two reams altogether done.

After done with my photocopy, I'd to carry my two reams of materials back to library all by myself. (For your information, library and the photocopy room is located in two different separated buildings.) *SWEAT* But, thank God I met Mr. Azmie (Another nice teacher) who helped me assigned his students to help me carried my materials back to library. That's pretty save me a lot energy.

Thanks Mr. Antonius and Mr. Azmie. Both of you are truly a gentlemen :D

04 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 4 - Self Done Urodynamic via Frequency/Volume Chart

Stressssss.....!!!! Everything want fast, And I only have a brain, a pair of eyes and a pair of hand with a limited time. How ??? Ok, I have a confession to make today, I know I made a lot of mistakes at my workplace today. Everything seems not smooth for me today. My brain almost "tied up". Let's hope tomorrow I made no mistakes.

Well, gonna have my very first ultrasound and first medical check up at Urology Department for this year next week. Amongst the important reports that usually bring on the discussion desk during my appointment. (No matter I go for Urology or Neurology, these are the two departments that I'm still follow up with) Besides the usual blood test reports, urine test reports, ultrasound reports, my VP shunt checking by the doctor. There is one more important reports which is the "Frequency/Volume Chart" that I'm going to prepare before meeting my Urologist next week.

In medical perspective, they named it "Urodynamic Test". Urodynamic testing refers to the process of performing urodynamics. Urodynamics is a study that assesses how the bladder and urethra are performing their job of storing and releasing urine. Urodynamic tests help us to see how well our bladder and sphincter muscles work.

Well, do pray for me and let's hope the small echogenic foci measuring 0.4cm within the upper pole of my right kidney that had been discovered a year ago had gone with the winds.

P/S: Being commented by two peoples today, saying that I had been acted serious today. Well, I'm not serious but I'm just too concentrated with my pile of unfinished works and tried not to put myself into stress mode.

03 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 3 - First Day Of School... "Traffic Jam" !!!

Stuck in the middle of traffic jam for almost one an a half hours this afternoon. As my dad sent me back to school (my working place) around 2P.M. from lunch. It was another "Pouring Day" of the first day of school.

Let's hope there won't be any traffic congestion tomorrow.

365 Days Of Memory : Day 3 - My New "Kennel"

"Wow !!! Wow !!! Grrrrr...... " *Little doggie got a new kennel this year. Heh... Heh...*

Oh man !! But shifting out my properties from my old "kennel" to my new "kennel" was a hectic missions. Another thing is - "PRIVACY". No more privacy for me!!! *Sob**Sob*

Note to the "monkeys" inside the "cage" next door:

Dear neighbor,

Please don't bully your new neighbor here.

Have mercy,
Your new neighbor :D

365 Days Of Memory : Day 3 - Did You Shrunk Your Feet ?

Gahhhhhh..... Honestly to tell the truth, I'm still intoxicating inside my "Dream World" (Holiday). Even though, school terms had just started today. But no matter how??? Reality is real, got to get back to my "Real World". That's "Working, working and also working".

Today I wore a pair of special-made new shoes which I had re-made since last year and just collected yesterday. (Cos my old pair of shoes had been expanded since it was made out of leather).

Actually the size of this current shoes is one size smaller than my previous expanded shoes. I bet all of you already knew the reason why I ordered a smaller size now. Yes!!! Clever.... Cos It will "EXPANDED" anyway few months right after I wear on it.

Well, some kids from the school raised a question for me today. "Did you shrunk your feet??". I was like "Wadda ???" Heh... Heh...

02 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 2 - Eau De Toilette

Finally I got myself a bottle of "Eau De Toilette" (Perfume) from The Body Shop.

I had been thinking of getting myself a bottle of perfume that's suit me long ago. Yes!!! And I did it today. And it cost me around RM48. Love the smell of "Aqua Lily". :D

P/S: School is going to re-open tomorrow. Wish me luck in handling my library and meeting "The Monkeys" again. X(

01 January, 2011

365 Days Of Memory : Day 1 - New Year Versus Tasteless Green Tea Ice Cream

Burp!!! Excuse me... Happy New Year 2011, every human around the globe!!! XD

As entered the first day of 2011, I want to take the challenge "365 Days Of...." as well that everyone has been doing right now. I found it's quite interesting. Here are the two fellows bloggers who had been practicing the "365 Days Of....":

So, I'm gonna start mine "365 Days Of Memory" either today similar with "Aaron's Project 365".

How's everybody's New Year countdown??? Well, as for me, I didn't have one for this year but I do have an unforgettable dinner with my buddies. And who made this day unforgettable ???

Tada !!! Mr. Tasteless Green Tea Ice Cream

I guess, this is the most tasteless ice cream I ever had in my life so far.

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