01 December, 2010

What Drool You Most ???

Ok, I know I'm supposed to blog about this yesterday. But then, once again retarded line had drive me crazy. Was woke up this morning, I thought I could blog during my working hours, but then once again another disappointment hit me up (Black Out!!!!) Wadda ??? But good for me though, at least I can runaway from this little "secret Scary Room" for a while, and absorbed some fresh air and sunlight before I turned myself into vampire. Heh... Heh... (But, hey who cares ??? Since today is my last day "nesting" here. I'm gonna walk out proudly leaving this room tomorrow right after passing the "Baton" back to my colleague. *SCREAM* "Rejoice!!! Rejoice!!!".)

Throughout these entire 9 days of being locked up in this new environment (Secret Scary Room), I had actually learned a lot, explored a lot, experienced a lot, but most of all I had enough of "Quite Time" for my own.

"LEARNED" - Yeah, learned to fix my blog. Ok, I did messed up my blog's layout once again with this stupid Youtube clips. Since I'm alone and far far away from my "sifu" this week. That's mean I need to "Stand On My Own Feet" and try to fix it on my own.I was like spending half of my day trying to understand those HTML code by referring back the one "sifu" done previously. Guess what??? I made a success. (The satisfaction is like "WOW" for me, although you might said "Cheh!!! What's the big deal???")

"QUITE TIME" - So, It's not easy to have a "Quite Time" unless you are living by your own in this world. Sometimes I like to have "Quite Time", where I don't need to meet anybody,talk to anybody, listen to anybody or bother how peoples think of me. Well, I admit it I'm just lack of confident, and been full of jealousy in front of public lately. That's why don't get me weird, when you found me like to be alone and not mix and mingle around. But I had enough "Quite Time" these few days reading my bible which I had abandoned long ago because I don't want to be cranky since I'm not those attractive person who had a lot of friends surround me. I'm not saying I'm holy but, trust me...... I felt much better as I started to read through the pages for the past 9 days. Glad that It's become my "non-talking" friend now.

"EXPERIENCED" - Ok, for those who know me in real life, you guys should known that I'm a "book keeper" (Librarian) for 6 years now. So basically, I only dealing with books most of the time. Unlike my previous position - Accounts Clerk, which required me to deal with some admin jobs, numbers, working papers, and fussy clients which kinda stressed me up most time. Unfortunately, I faced it all back within this week. Firstly, non-stop phone calls - some parents called up to bla.... bla.... bla.... But I did come across with this man with a sexy voice called up about few times within a week looking a vacant badminton court to rent, whom I had a deep impression toward him. His voice not just melted me up, but he will included my name in his conversation each time. After few call up, we are like long time friend, he even invited me join him for a session of game, but I end up rejected him and hung up. Lolz..... What an unexpected invitation.

Secondly, a sudden situation struck me. Honestly, I hate picking peoples' half done job or even try to amend peoples' worksheets. Especially, something that has to be related with accounts. But I forced to do so, when I'd been assigned by the vice principal to help this canteen owner to re-calculate his monthly rental fee which my colleague done a slightly mistakes on the calculation. But thank God, he supervised me at the same time and we did the calculation together, and I managed to hand over the amended accounts to the canteen owner and he pretty satisfied with the figure. Phew!!!!

"EXPLORED" - Well, since I'm just helping up my colleague in her office, while she is away for a holiday. Nothing much I can do. so, I get the chance to surf net to kill most of my time.Like what I'm doing now blogging, reading some blogs, facebook-ing, forum-ing, plurk-ing and twitter-ing. I'm quite active in twitter-ing nowadays. Made quite a numbers of net-friends either. Get to know peoples, what's new,what's going on in the other side of the globe. If you have been following my blog, I bet you all should be familiar with the name - Jaeson Ma (Please refer previous blog post entry in case you all don't know him) I'm his blog regular reader now which famous for his "365 Days Of Love" that gave me lots of impacts in life. And through Jaeson Ma, I get to know someone from Singapore either, we had quite interesting conversation. Well, one of the question been raised up is - "What drools you most now???"

Hmmm..... I quite myself down for a while. Then, I answered:

A cup of Starbucks's Green Tea Frappuccino

A copy of Jason Ma's album "Glory"

and last but not least......

Skittles - Rainbow Candy

Ghee... I still haven't try it yet. Can anyone tell me where I can get it ???

So now tell me "What drools you most???" :D

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