07 December, 2010

Two Men And A Cake

Drool !!! Drool !!! Drooling from last night's green tea cake with red beans in it. It's superb delicious.

There you go:

Uncle Biscuit's Green Tea Cake with red bean in it.

Oh wait, have I forgotten something??? Who's the birthday(MEN)??? Almost forgot to introduce to you all our birthday(MEN). Note: The reason why I put "MEN" in a bracket, It's because we got two "heroes" whose birthday date were close (Jacky on the 6th and Andrew on the 8th) and "someone" claimed that they were no longer called themselves a "BOY" anymore. (You know who you are. *EVIL SMILE*)

Andrew Wong the "Smiling Prince“ (yellow shirt) & Jacky Loo the "Professional Photog" (blue shirt)

This so-called "Yumcha+Birthday+Gathering" event (3 in 1) was organised by Winx and collaborated by me as the venue-proponent (But, we forced to switch venue from Jabez, Damai to Kopi Ping, Damai in the last minute, since the place I proposed early on was "Closed” last night.)

Thanks to everyone who made an effort come to the gathering. (Ck,Calvin,Shong Loo and Soon Fatt) and for those who can't made it (David, Imelda, Koch and Tina) We will catch up again during Christmas Eve.

By the way, someone from the gang just commented me kinda cool and seldom smile. Hmm... am I??? Oh well, I'm actually not cool. It just I can't smile out. Can anybody teach me how to smile or be happy???

Last but not least, I would like to wish my friends once again here: Andrew and Jacky

Happy Birthday, dude!!!!

p/s : All photos credit to Jacky Loo


maslight said...

Oh my green tea cake. Mmmm

BOO said...

Massy: Oh man!!!! Sis, I'm telling you it's superb finger licking good. I was tarped by the strawberry waffles either. Go have a try at Kopi Ping, Damai. You won't regret it :D

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