25 December, 2010

Two Christmas Gifts From Santa Boo

"You better watch out,

You better not cry,

Better not pout,

I'm telling you why,

Santa Claus is coming to town"

Ho!!! Ho!!! Ho!!! Merry Christmas to all my readers who came from all walks of life around the world. How's everyone countdown celebration on Christmas Eve??? Well, I had been "nesting" at home last night due to the bad weather and I'd got no date as well. *Sob**Sob*......

But still, not too upset about that. Since I had been busy with my preparation for tonight's highlight - "Steak Feast" with my friends. It's been a tradition for me and my friends to gather around having special dinner during Christmas & New Year. Over the past few years, we had been having steamboat, Chinese Food...... So this year, we tend to try something different - Western Food. (Suggested by me) Thanks to my friend - Ah Jack for the venue recommendation. (Clarence's Home Grill) Can't wait to try their steak tonight.

Two days ago before Christmas, I had started up my last part of clearing my annual leaves for the year. So, I had been started up my first part of mission of digging up a "hole" in my wallet . That's buying myself a Christmas's gift and doing some shopping for my closet. And there you go. this is what I got for myself this Christmas:

A "Carlo Rino" Handbag

Love the pattern and size so much. Please don't ask me the price cos I did it once a while just to reward myself for never shopping till bleeding for all this while. So, that's the first gift for myself.

Next, in the morning (The day before Christmas) I went to chop my hair down. (Honestly, I had a heavy heart to chop my hair down, but what to do I had been suffering from hair-loss that forced me to have my haircut) Well, at least this time the hair stylist didn't let me down and i pretty satisfied with my haircut now. After done with my haircut, I did a little shopping spree and had my lunch with dad and mom at Old Town Cafe, Citymall before headed to collect my second Christmas's gift from one of my forum friend: Nex.

It's a CD by Jaeson Ma

Finally, it's here. Nex helped me with the online shopping a month ago. (Since I'm kinda noob with this online shopping) But then, I won't bring up this online shopping as a habit. I don't want to be a shopaholic in future. So, self-control is important!!!! Anyway, I'm going to start paying my first installment of getting a second hand DSLR (Canon 400D) from my "Sifu of Photography" - Chucky. So there you go, please pray for me as I'm starting up my journey of learning how to master "The Art of Photography".

That's all for now, will blog again soon about how my Christmas celebration with friends later after tonight. Stay tune.....

Merry Christmas with L.O.V.E from BOO ^~^

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