25 November, 2010

Love And Glory

Hello!!! Hello!!! Wazzup ??? I feel very sorry to all my honorable readers out there, for missing in action once again and this time a bit longer as it's like a month to be exact.

Why do I missing in action for such a long period?? Well, let me explain it here:

1. For those who really know me in person, I'm sure you got the answer. But for those who did not know me in real life.Well, I got a bad habit here : "Boo won't do anything if the mood is not there. Boo will only move on once the "fire" within is burning. (So, never pushing me, cos that will only wasting all your energy with a zero returned result.)

2. Another reason is blame it to the slowpoke internet line in my area lately. This retarded internet line made my desire throughout surfing drop down to zero according the scale.

Ok, that's it with all my explanations... Actually I want to share with you all stuff that I had discovered in the past few days. 2 days ago, I was like having a strong desire to re-tweet again in Twitter. Then, I met this fellow whose name is Jaeson Ma (An American Christian actor, musician, writer, and minister who is best known for his work as a pastor and Christian entertainer.) Who had released his first album "Love" and now is promoting his second album "Glory" release concert in Los Angeles.

I start to youtube it, and I found both the video clips. And I already fell in love with them when I listened to them for the first time. Thus, I try to connect with him regarding how am I supposed to get myself a copy of "Glory" album via Twitter. And guess what?? I got replied from him. Since the album will only released on 7 Dec 2010. So it's a pre-order session and I'd been told that they wont selling the album in Malaysia. So which means I can't find the album elsewhere racks. The only way is to get it here. Holy crap, which means I have to do an online shopping which I had never done before. And I donno how either. But thank God, a trusted forum friend of mine helped me out by purchasing the album on behalf of me. Thank you ..... Nex :D (Promised to pay you back as soon as your bank statement and the album landed safely in KK.)

Well, as I mentioned I never done an online shopping in my life so far.... And moreover purchased the most expensive album amongst my collections of albums in my life. But for me, it worth that much.

If you wanna know more about Jaeson Ma or his album or the concert's info, can always feel free to log in :Jaeson Ma's Blog or Jaeson Ma's Facebook or even follow him in Jaeson Ma's Twitter.

Before I signing off, I will be leaving you all with these awesome clips that I had been listened all over again and again these 2 days.

"Love" from his first album

and "Glory" from his second album (Which is about to come out somewhere this 7 December. Oh man!!! I just can't wait for my copy of his album arrived.)

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