07 September, 2010

Fun Taiwan : Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (国父纪念馆)

Welcome aboard again!!! Boys and girls......

Wazzup everyone??? School holidays had just started... The school's library is as quiet as it should be. Now i can easily listen to the chirping sound of birds which wandering around in the halfway constructed school's field. Well, i love school holidays, this is the time when I can at least take a break even though I'm still on duty.

Well, to begin my journey today, I'm gonna share some stories and pictures about the "Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (国父纪念馆)" which I had visited during my trip to Taiwan in June.

Are you ready??? Boys and girls......

The National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is located in Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China). The Chinese name direct translation is: National Pater Patriae memorial Hall. It is a memorial to the Republic of China's National Father, Dr.Sun Yat-sen, and was completed on May 16, 1972. As the hall was opened in the very beginning, its main displays were revolutionary events of the national father at the end of the Qing Dynasty. Recently it became a multi-purpose social, educational and cultural center for the Taiwanese public.

The Republic of China government began to prepare the construction of the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in 1964 to commemorate Father of the Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yat-sen's great character, revolutionary career, and philosophical blueprint for a modern China. The hall would serve as a place not only for people to pay tribute to Father of the Republic, but also for cultural, artistic, educational, academic, and recreational purposes. In 1965, Chiang Kai-shek officiated the ground breaking ceremony. The design plan by the famous architect Wang Ta-hung was selected in a public contest one year later, and modified under the instruction of Chiang, to underline Chinese architectural characteristics. The main construction was completed on May 16, 1972. The majestic and solemn building itself is sited in Chung-shan Square Park, featuring green grass and floral bushes. It now boasts to have the landmark building, a scenic open space, and the best performance center in eastern Taipei.

The Memorial Hall was affiliated to Taipei City Government originally. In June 1986, it became part of the Ministry of Education, together with Chung-Shan Building in Yangmingshan. Its official name was changed from "the Administrative Bureau of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall" to "the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall".

In the early time, the Memorial Hall primarily functioned as a place to display the historical relics of Dr. Sun's life and lead in the revolution. Later, it opens to exhibitions and performances. Now, it has a world-class performance hall, and elegant exhibition center with an area of around 10,000 square feet (1,000 m2). It also has a multi-media theatre with the newest facilities, an audio-visual center, lecture halls, Chung-shan Symposium, a professional library with a collection of over three hundred thousand books, Lake Tswei exhibition and performance area, and Chung-shan park.

The Memorial Hall is committed to the promotion of Dr. Sun's philosophies - universal love, an egalitarian society, and the "goal of life to help the others" and to refresh the people's memory of Dr. Sun and pass on his beliefs. The first director Shih Chun-wen set up a solid foundation for the Memorial Hall. Succeeding directors, Frank C.C. Tong, Wang Ching-po, Kao Chung-yun and Tseng Chiang-yuan let the Memorial Hall come of age. The present director, Chang Jui-pin, has taken it into the stage of prosperity. Now, the Memorial Hall advances towards internationalization, localization, life-time education, and renovation of hardware facilities. The aim is to integrate Dr. Sun's beliefs with more attributes of contemporary Chinese culture.

Shortly after the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall was built, President Chiang Kai-shek died of pneumonia in Taipei. His funeral was held in the main hall of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Hundreds of thousands of people turned out to view President Chiang's body. His body was moved to Cihu, Taoyuan County in a slow motor procession. Thousands of people had lined up on the streets to pay respect and to view Chiang's open casket during its journey.

From the park, we managed to capture a better view of Taipei 101 as suggested earlier on by the local Taiwanese tourist guide.

And some Mr. Sun Yat-sen's statue as well...

I really love this park not just because the fresh air, the breeze, pigeon feeding but also the piper-man. Truly like I'm in heaven. The sound of the piper-man playing his flute made me felt like I'm traveled across Prague not Taiwan.

Coming up, next.... Mongolian BBQ dinner, birthday bash. guarantee will make you drool all the way down. Thanks for reading :D

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