22 August, 2010

I have A Date With The "Head Prefect" (D.T. In Da House Again) Part 2

Wide awake!!! With all the "TARP" food, I guess I'm gonna stay awake few hours for the digestion purpose since I just came back from my final gathering with Daniel and the rest of the gang before he is going back to Australia this Tuesday which is the coming 24th. Head was bit heavy, most probably hit by the rain during our second station down by Tg. Aru beach side.

Well, I managed to gather a lot more ex schoolmates this time compared the previous by sending everyone an invitation through Facebook's Event Invitation. Actually the feedback is not as good as I think with only "7 attending", "4 maybe attending", "23 not attending' and a total number of "101 awaiting reply". But guess what??? Out of my expectation.

Here is a little bit info from last night gathering:

Event on : Daniel Tiong Back To Malaysia Again (Part 2)

Date : 21 August 2010

Time : 7pm onwards

Venue : Upperstar, Lintas & Tg. Aru 1st Beach

Organizer : Soo E Ling a.k.a Tiger Power

Attendance list :
Me and myself
Daniel Tiong (Our beloved "Prefect")
Wong Shai Fui
Kenny Low
Irving Guok
Soo E Ling
Rose Tiong
Alastair Fong
Roger Jikinong
Brandon Ho
Jonathan Yong
William Chong
Jaime Jameson Sua
Ivan Tan

Phew!!! Hope I didn't missed anybody out.......

Photo credit to : Daniel & Me

We were stayed in Upperstar until 11 something.....

That night we just can't get all 14 persons squeezed into a perfect group photo, due to some came in late and some left early. That's why you get to see 2 group photos here: (Can you spot the different in between?)

Part of the food I ordered on the night :

Mango Mambo & Garlic Bread

Sandwich Chicken with Mayonnaise

Happy Peoples With Happy Faces Everywhere.......

Then some of us proceeded to our next station to the Tg. Aru beach, the idea came from Rose when she said she wanna eat grilled squid. But by the time we reached there, all stalls been closed down left this bar which remained open:

Everyone ordered their drinks, and I had mine "Hot Choco" too....

Another session of chit-chatting on up to 3 in the morning.....

Before we left the place we managed to take our last group photo and signed our name on a RM1 note for Daniel as a remembrance for each and everyone of us to remind us what a silly thing we had done on this date. Urgh.... Felt like back to school time when we used to sign each other's autograph.

To Daniel,

Thank you for sharing such a good time with us. All the best in Perth, Australia. Really looking forward to visit you in Perth 2012 or perhaps another homecoming for you ??? :D

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