19 August, 2010

I have A Date With The "Head Prefect" (D.T. In Da House Again) Part 1

Event on : Daniel Tiong Back To Malaysia Again

Date : 19 August 2010

Time : 8pm onwards

Venue : Jerraveda, Lintas & Foh Sang

Organizer : Soo E Ling a.k.a Tiger Power

Attendance list :
Me and myself
Daniel Tiong (Our beloved "Prefect")
Wong Shai Fui
James Chong
Kenny Low
Irving Guok
Wong Siong Siong
Soo E Ling
Soo E Ling's friend (Cant remember what's name is)

I was the only person from Commerce while the rest from Science stream, you might asking me why??? This is because we get to re-shuffle every year during our lower form time (Bridge Class till form 3). But when we were in Upper Form (Form 4 & 5) I went to Commerce stream while the rest in Science stream, that's how we get separated. So don't get messed up why am I attended so many ex schoolmates gathering lately.

Photo credit to : Daniel & Me

Had a great time chilling out with ex schoolmates and last but not least the durians that we had was a "TARP".Looking forward for the second meeting this coming weekend.

The "King" of All Fruits

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