03 August, 2010

Fun Taiwan : Tamshui Old Street (淡水老街)

Are you looking for some Taiwanese hawker (street food) and snacks?? Such as fish ball soup, iron egg, oily bean curd, fried fish cracker, fish dumplings and a variety of seafood. Well, I think you definitely shouldn't missed this out - Tamshui Old Street (淡水老街).

Tucked in between Tamshui Waterfront Promenade and the bustling ZhongZheng Road, Gongming Street or better known as Tamshui Old Street (淡水老街) is a pedestrian friendly street with enormous array of food to tuck in and souvenirs to bring home.

Oily bean curd is an interesting signature dish of Tamshui. Easily spotted at most eateries, it is a deep fried bean curd (tofu), stuffed with crystal noodle and sealed with fish paste. The texture of bean curd is soft inside and presented with some savory-spicy sauce. Taste is rather subjective to individual but for a foodie, this is a must try at Tamshui!

Besides that, there are still a huge variety of snacks that you can find here in Tamshui Old Street(淡水老街}.

From various of biscuits......

To various choice of snacks.

Strolling along Gong Ming Street, tonnes of vacuum-packed globules somehow will catch your attention. This is the famous Tamshui snack called "Iron Egg" (铁蛋). From the hard boiled egg, they are repeatedly stewed for hours with fermented bean paste, soy sauce, sugar and spices which eventually turning them into black balls. Smaller iron eggs are prepared from quail eggs while the larger ones are from chicken eggs . Their texture is rubbery and some claimed and the taste is flavorful.

The Trademark of Tamshui snack - Iron Egg.

Besides the eateries, there are plenty of interesting shops such as this one:

Taiwanese version of Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Hmm.... I like this shop pretty much :D

The eateries and shops here are open till late at night. Perfect to begin with your evening at Tamshui by watching sunset, then diving into the food haven to chow down.

Like what I did :

"yummy green tea ice cream in my hand, beautiful sunset in my sight"

C'est La Vie !!!


maslight said...

Wahlow the ice cream @_@ so tinggi.

BOO said...

Mas: Heh... Heh,,, And it taste good !!!! :D

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