30 June, 2010

Memorable And Yet Scary 28th Birthday @ E West

Once again greeting myself "HAPPY BELATED 28th". A thousand thank you to all my friends who had been posting greetings and blessings through my Facebook and Plurk until my account nearly *KABOOM*!!!! Heh...Heh...

Not forgetting to all my tea-cuppers especially: Jacky, Max and Andrew for organizing this event.

A big thank you also goes to the rest of the 38 gang members: David, Imelda, Florence, CK and Winx for making yourselves available on that night.

As for the couple - Koch and Tina who were unable to join us, your greeting is much more appreciated.

The Birthday Green Tea Cake:(By request) Heh... Heh...

The Birthday Gifts

My "Shooting" people and being "Shoot" time :D

The Miss Popular

The Gay Men & The Pretties

Real Couple, Fake Couples :D

Our Friendship "Ring"


Nex said...

Glad you had a nice birthday celebrated with friends Boo.

I don't see why is it scary though? XD

maslight said...

Wahlow the cake, btw boo why u wanna lose weight again, kurus sudah lor.

BOO said...

Nex: I mentioned scary, it is because I'm turning 28 dy. Hur.... Hur... Hur...

Mas: I wore black that night bah.... sure looked slimmer lor. Padahal... Haiz *HITHEAD*

Nex said...

Massy: maybe because her target is 0% boday phat? D:

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