30 June, 2010

Memorable And Yet Scary 28th Birthday @ E West

Once again greeting myself "HAPPY BELATED 28th". A thousand thank you to all my friends who had been posting greetings and blessings through my Facebook and Plurk until my account nearly *KABOOM*!!!! Heh...Heh...

Not forgetting to all my tea-cuppers especially: Jacky, Max and Andrew for organizing this event.

A big thank you also goes to the rest of the 38 gang members: David, Imelda, Florence, CK and Winx for making yourselves available on that night.

As for the couple - Koch and Tina who were unable to join us, your greeting is much more appreciated.

The Birthday Green Tea Cake:(By request) Heh... Heh...

The Birthday Gifts

My "Shooting" people and being "Shoot" time :D

The Miss Popular

The Gay Men & The Pretties

Real Couple, Fake Couples :D

Our Friendship "Ring"

20 June, 2010

Little Creature @ My Backyard

*Uhuk!!**Uhuk!!* It's been a long long time since the last update. Well, guess I'm addicted to FB's games and loitering too much on Plurk recently which kept me away from blogging desk all this while. Oops.... Will try to get myself back on track slowly into blogging desk now.

But as for now, let me introduce to you a "SPECIAL GUEST" who had been paying me twice as much visits during this rainy seasons in my area.

"Well, boys and girls......"

"Let's us put our hands together and warm welcome, Misssssssster Sssssnail!!! *DRUM BEATING*

A day before......

A day after, which is today. The same little creature crawling behind my backyard again. I guess it's probably living in a corner somewhere of my house all this while. I quickly grabbed my camera and gave it a snapped before my mom got it and throw it far faraway to Neverland.

Well, take a look at it's reaction, as I touched it's shell. The snail quickly hide itself into it's shell. Maybe it found itself in danger and refused to get out from it's shell again although I had been waited about 10 minutes just hope that it will come out again. But...... I guess you all should know what happen next??? Ain't you?? *GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT*

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