28 February, 2010

First High-schoolmates' Gathering @ Upperstar

Event on : First massive gathering (high schoolmates & tea-cuppers)

Date : 27 Feb 2010

Time : 8pm onwards

Venue : Upperstar, Lintas

Organizer : Unknown

Attendance list :
Me and myself
Imelda Chin
Jacky Loo
Orman Lim
Andrew Wong
Ko Chun Fatt
Collin Lajamin Voo

Chee Kuan
David Ling
Tina Chong
Jin Feng
Winx Jong

Photos credit to : Imelda Chin & me

04 February, 2010

Oh Gosh!!!!! Grey Hair............ NoOo Way Man!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Erm... Am I being stress all this while???" My answer is "No". "Erm... Am I thinking too much lately???" My answer is "50/50". "Erm... Am I getting old???" Well I must admit it, when my colleague spotted this little "Creature" playing "Hide & Seek" on top of my head.

Here is another 2 more close up shots:

Thanks to Charles for taking these Super Macro photos for me. Heh... Heh...

Note: All photos credit goes to CHUCKY

Oh yes.... Chinese New Year is just around the corner. It's time to give my hair a "NEW" look. It's time to *CUTx3*... *TRIMx3*... *STRAIGHTENINGx3*...

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