18 November, 2009

It's Time To Leave Paediatrics Clinic

Firstly, I have to apologize to all my readers for not keeping my blog updated once more. But, today i feel like wanting to scribble something on it. Even though my headache getting even worst caused by too much thinking.

My tears slipped down automatically again (I can't recall how many times I had experienced such emotion.) In front of my mom, Staff Nurse Lo and Dr. Fauziah - who did the review for me today inside her Pediatric Clinic since Uncle Soo had been very busy and seldom meets up with his patients lately.

The reason why am I upset??

--> It's not because my situation is getting worst.
--> It's not because I refused to take any medication.
--> It's not because I get scolded by "Uncle Soo".


--> It's because she talked about my future.
--> It's because she talked about my social life.
--> It's because she asked about my love life.
(Which is a sensitive topic to me and I wouldn't want to think or talk so much about it.)

And last but not least, Dr. Fauziah was trying to convince me from transferring to adult's clinic. Well, I understand that in my late 20's, I shouldn't appeared in Pediatric Clinic anymore. But up to this level, I'm still. Imagine that I had been spending 17 years of my life in the "House of Pediatric" since I was 10. Uncle Soo and Staff Nurse Lo is just like my second "Papa and Mama". So you can tell, It's kinda hard for me to move into another new environment.

Recently, those old scenes of my younger age as kid kept playing in my mind where I get excited to go visiting Uncle Soo in his clinic, jumping and running all the way inside his clinic, climbed on him and sat on him playing with the bear which hung on his Stethoscope and his name tag, while he tried to check with my VP Shunt. The distance in between me and Uncle Soo was so close that time. That was the sweetest memories I had.

But as time goes by, I'd grown up as a high school student. According the hospital's law, whoever reached the age of 12 is considered an adult and will be sent to adult's clinic. But Uncle Soo still remain taking care of me. There was a time when I'd gotten into very emotional and refused to take any medication, and always causing urine infection which made Uncle Soo very angry and I get scolded badly all the times and nearly gets "DUMP". Quite scary though. Haha.. And that was the first time I felt regret and sorry for him until I actually apologized to him and hoping that he won't "DUMP" me. But Uncle Soo seems understand with his patients pretty well. (Cos who can stand from keeping medicines as their main meals and injections all the times???) Well, that was some bad memories.

So often nurses in the Pediatric Clinic made fun of me by saying that I'm truly Uncle Soo's Pet. Uncle Soo not only accompany me during my childhood, but he is concerning my studies and working life as well. Which I think every doctors in train now should possessed the spirit within him. Well, no matter what... I still need to consider leaving "Pediatric Life". Decision... Decision... Urg!!!

What should I do???

Uncle Soo and Staff Nurse Lo

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