04 August, 2009

Venturing Into Costa Sand Resort

First the all, I must apologized to all of my fellow readers for not updating my blog for such a long time. I know I had been missing in action for a while. (One month to be exact.) Well, there had been a lot happening throughout the month. I'd had been so emotional, moody for the past few months that led me out of my "Blogging Desk". But after all, Boo is recovered and back for more actions. Yuuuu.... Hoo!!!

If you guys still remember, I actually did blog about my trip to Singapore two months ago, but haven't finished up my stories on that trip. Just to refresh all your mind, you can always refer back to the beginning of my journey to the center of Merlion City by clicking here.

In order to make it short, here were what happened next.... After Uncle Chris picked us up at Changi Airport. (Well, I did meet up with my old high school pals - Teya & Yuen Nee, they were on their short vacation for 4 days 3 nights either) And sent us to the place where we gonna stayed in for 3 days 2 nights - Which was Costa Sand Resort.

"Costa Sand Resort" - What a calm & beautiful name it was given. Don't you think?? Just close your eyes and imagine... For me, the first picture came out from my mind was the sandy beach, clear sparkling sea water, pretty ladies on their bikinis, with the sound of sea breeze. Suddenly I'm feel like in Phi Phi Island, Krabi (Thailand) - Yeap!! Saw this nice Island in one of my ex - schoolmate's album, it's definitely another nice place for vacation instead of Hawaii.

So, after check-in into our room, and settled down. I started up my journey venturing the resort surrounding. The first thing I'd discovered this resort was actually located inside a small amusement park. What we know from the information quarter, there was no housekeeping, room service, breakfast, lunch or even dinner provided. But there were a lot of shops, food courts, Pick 'n Pay convenient stores available inside the resort. According staffs from the resort, besides Costa Sand Resort (Downtown East).There were also another 2 branches which is Costa Sands Resort (Sentosa) and Costa Sands Resort(Pasir Ris).

Here are some views from the resort:

The food court: The only place we filled our hungry stomach - You got to believe me, here they sold the best Iced lemon tea & Chay Tou Kuey ever.

The BBQ facilities : BBQ is one of the favorite activity for the peoples in Singapore during holidays & weekends. And definitely Costa Sand is the best choice. But in my opinion no matter it was weekdays or even weekends, The Singaporeans loves to BBQ all the time. This can best proved by during our stayed at Costa Sand, the huge crowd of people BBQ-ing until midnight even during weekdays. Party all night long.

According to Uncle Chris, The Singaporean families really enjoy their "Family Day". Not like we - Malaysians. We hardly see Malaysians hanging around with their family members doing activities sort like: picnicking at the beach, shopping with daddy and mummy. But The Singaporeans seems got the traditions. During the school holidays The Singaporeans do enjoy their one month "Summer Holiday" which starting somewhere early beginning of June, this time around you can easily bumped into families in the streets, leisure malls and so on. This is the golden time for them to share happiness being together in order to build up a better relationships in between the family members.

Other then that, there were also:

Amusement Park

As well as Swimming pool for guests who are staying here.

During my stay in Singapore, I did encountered a lot of new stuffs. This is the reasons why I like traveling a lot.

For example - The Vending Machines (Thanks to TK & Chucky for the right vocab)outside our room: We only have Soda Machines but I haven't seen this in Malaysia yet. Am I right?? I remembered I only saw this vending machine in one of those episode of "Tokyo Walker" hosted by Helen Toh on TV set. But now finally I'd seen it for real through my eyes.

Next, we gonna stepped out of Costa Sand and exploring the world outside as Uncle Chris will take us city tour around. Wanna know what are the interesting places?? Come let's follow us!!

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