11 June, 2009

Passport To Merlion City With Ashley a.k.a Boo

Yupsss... Boo is back in action again after missing in action for such a long time. What I had been up to? K, I'd been keeping myself back to work mode and get myself a nice rest after came back from a trip to Singapore from 28th May to 2nd June.

From "Passport To Europe With Samantha Brown"

To...... "Janet Hsieh's Fun Taiwan" & "Helen To's Tokyo Walker"

Watching all this travel documentary shows has been my favorite routines. How I wish I could be one of them in future. (Neh...... That's only happened in my dreams.) With my limited strength and energy, I won't be able like one of them.

Can you believe it ?? Only within 6 days, I had already get myself this......

But thanks to my "Little Friend" here : Yoko - Yoko (It's been accompanied me in my entire trip to release my muscle pain on my legs caused by over-walking)

So, do you wanna know what I did in Singapore?? Let's hop on and get yourself:

A copy of Singapore's map

A copy of "The Integrated MRT & LRT System Map"

As we will travel a lot using the MRT Stations Service
Come, let's join me
with a new episode of "Passport To Merlion City With Ashley a.k.a Boo", discover yourself the secret of "Merlion City"



Anonymous said...

the last time i went to SG was december last year.. so long ago.. haha.. SG is really a nice place.. clean and tidy.. =)

BOO said...

Ken: Yup it is indeed.. but i dislike the hustle bustle of the city though.

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