28 June, 2009

Moodiness Birthday, Cheer Up & Happy Birthday Boo !!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!! BOO!!!!! Ok.. that's enough to reduce my moodiness until this level. *SCREAMING* Anyway, I had been in this bad feelings since Friday. Been self-crying in the night without reasons this few days. (Or perhaps, there is something inside of me that I can't cope with. Sorry can't tell here.)

Anyway, I had decided to leave all this bad feelings behind for a while. Well at least for the next coming 24 hours ahead. Thanks for the non-stop warm greetings from all of my friends and cousins over the phones, Facebook, Friendster, MSN. All of your greetings is far more precious than any diamonds or pearls.

Here I want to give a big thanks to:

Imelda: Yeah, my best buddy ever !! The laughter we formed this evening, during in your blood donation sessions at Citymall really drown me to far far away from thinking the matters. I realized somehow your explanation got the point there.

and to ....

Sun: Yeah, my ex- primary school buddy !! Thanks for lending your ear last Saturday. I know I had been very bla... bla... bla... Heh.. Heh.. :)

Last but not least, here are a little gift for myself.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOO!!!

P/S : To all my fellow readers out there, I know all of you been wondering where is my "Singapore Trip" post. I'm promise that I will be back for more posts on my "Singapore Trip" once I get better. It just now isn't the right mood for me to write something interesting like travel post. Sorry !!!


maslight said...

Happy Birthday!

BOO said...

Mas: Thank Q !!! "Kak Mas". Heh... Heh...

Auron-Declan said...

Happy B-Birthday...hehehe....wish you manyaaaaakkk sayang ya

BOO said...

Auron: Thanks Aaron zai :)

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