29 June, 2009

A Big "Thank You List" To The CSP Family

Hmm... It's almost over. Yeah .... My birthday is almost come to the end. I was doing my final checklist on the "THANK YOU LIST", and I just realize that I haven't say "Thank You" to a group of my CSP Forum's friends in my blog. I bet YOU guys already know who you are. Heh.. Heh..

There you go:

- Bloodripz - for creating a birthday thread (In CSP Forum)

- Kate - the best chatter throughout Facebook

- Cubex

- Dori Dori

- Koros

- Kanariya san

- Maslight - The "BIG" sister in CSP Forum

- Shiver - The first person to greet.. Uinah capatnya

- Aucifersakuya - miss Your "waku waku"

- Kira - mari main timbak timbak

- Vamsurfer

- Irtea

- Abu

- Bubbleberry - Another best chatter throughout Facebook

- Chucky !!!! Lend me your "M16"

- Kcishere

- Hellstorm_undernet

And last but not least...

- Clerence

CSP Family Photo During "Ultimate CSP Party" @ Imperial Hotel 2008

CSP Family Photo During "Hobbycon Event" @ Asia City 2008

Thank You

Very Much :D

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