29 June, 2009

A Big "Thank You List" To The CSP Family

Hmm... It's almost over. Yeah .... My birthday is almost come to the end. I was doing my final checklist on the "THANK YOU LIST", and I just realize that I haven't say "Thank You" to a group of my CSP Forum's friends in my blog. I bet YOU guys already know who you are. Heh.. Heh..

There you go:

- Bloodripz - for creating a birthday thread (In CSP Forum)

- Kate - the best chatter throughout Facebook

- Cubex

- Dori Dori

- Koros

- Kanariya san

- Maslight - The "BIG" sister in CSP Forum

- Shiver - The first person to greet.. Uinah capatnya

- Aucifersakuya - miss Your "waku waku"

- Kira - mari main timbak timbak

- Vamsurfer

- Irtea

- Abu

- Bubbleberry - Another best chatter throughout Facebook

- Chucky !!!! Lend me your "M16"

- Kcishere

- Hellstorm_undernet

And last but not least...

- Clerence

CSP Family Photo During "Ultimate CSP Party" @ Imperial Hotel 2008

CSP Family Photo During "Hobbycon Event" @ Asia City 2008

Thank You

Very Much :D

28 June, 2009

Moodiness Birthday, Cheer Up & Happy Birthday Boo !!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!! BOO!!!!! Ok.. that's enough to reduce my moodiness until this level. *SCREAMING* Anyway, I had been in this bad feelings since Friday. Been self-crying in the night without reasons this few days. (Or perhaps, there is something inside of me that I can't cope with. Sorry can't tell here.)

Anyway, I had decided to leave all this bad feelings behind for a while. Well at least for the next coming 24 hours ahead. Thanks for the non-stop warm greetings from all of my friends and cousins over the phones, Facebook, Friendster, MSN. All of your greetings is far more precious than any diamonds or pearls.

Here I want to give a big thanks to:

Imelda: Yeah, my best buddy ever !! The laughter we formed this evening, during in your blood donation sessions at Citymall really drown me to far far away from thinking the matters. I realized somehow your explanation got the point there.

and to ....

Sun: Yeah, my ex- primary school buddy !! Thanks for lending your ear last Saturday. I know I had been very bla... bla... bla... Heh.. Heh.. :)

Last but not least, here are a little gift for myself.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOO!!!

P/S : To all my fellow readers out there, I know all of you been wondering where is my "Singapore Trip" post. I'm promise that I will be back for more posts on my "Singapore Trip" once I get better. It just now isn't the right mood for me to write something interesting like travel post. Sorry !!!

14 June, 2009

The Day After Merlion City Struck By Influenza A (H1N1)

Influenza A (H1N1)!!!! Oh no!!! Scary..... Should I canceled my trip to Singapore or just stick to my actual plan? Hmm... Read the breaking news about the most hot current issues of the century online (On 27th May) before I left Malaysia and proceeded to Singapore.

Merlion City Finally Struck By Influenza A (H1N1)

According news from The Reuters......

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - The Singapore government on Wednesday confirmed the city-state's first H1N1 flu case, a 22-year-old Singaporean woman who is being quarantined in hospital.

The government has been warning Singaporeans for weeks to prepare for an inevitable H1N1 outbreak in the city-state, a regional financial and trading center and the world's busiest port.

The woman arrived from New York early on Tuesday on a Singapore Airlines flight, and was not picked up by thermal scanners at the airport as she did not have a fever then, the government said in a statement. She was in a stable condition.

The government said it planned to impose home quarantine on around 60 people, mostly Singaporean passengers on the same flight who were sitting near the flu patient, and it urged them to report to the authorities for anti-viral medication.

"This won't be the last case in Singapore unless we could stop people from traveling," Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan told reporters.

The government was continuing with screening at border checkpoints and asked people to stay at home if suffering flu symptoms. It also advised caution over travel to affected areas.

Singapore financial markets shrugged off the news. Singapore's central bank said in April that the global outbreak of flu clouded the outlook for the economy.

(Reporting by Nopporn Wong-Anan; Writing by Neil Chatterjee; Editing by Alex Richardson)

But who cares ??? After making our final checklist, my brother sent us to airport 2 hours earlier to catch our flight approximately 10P.M. in the morning and estimation we will arrived at Changi Airport 12Noon.

While on the plane... Yeah !!! Bored till I mad :( Thus, I'd grabbed my camera and took some pictures (Oh gosh!! Do forgive my silliness)

Sayonara !!!! Kota Kinabalu!!!!

Mom's chubby lil' packet of Jacob biscuits

"Tick!!! Tock!!! Clock is ticking." 2 and a half hours gone and we were finally arrived at Changi Airport which was the entrance gate of the "Merlion City". Due to the Influenza A (H1N1) struck the city a day before, so the Ministry Health of Singapore had set up a screening area inside the immigration counters. So everyone got the chance passed through a huge plasma TV - Just like those plasma TV we used to watch football match at Food City Kolombong.

Since this was not a family trip, we went to Singapore with dad's friend - Uncle Loh and his wife (But his wife will be joining us only in the second day). He was the one who had been arranged the trip from air tickets till accommodation. After we had gotten our luggage, Uncle Loh's friends (Uncle Chris) whom was Sarawakian but had been migrated from Malaysia to Singapore few years back had picked us up and sent us to the place where we gonna stay for 3 days 2 nights - Costa Sands Resort (Pasir Ris).

I just love this resort, It's very calm and relax!! In My next post I'm gonna bringing u all touring around the resort. So stay tune !! Before I wrap up my post, here are a picture of My parents, Uncle Chris and Uncle Loh taken during our lunch session at one of the food court inside Costa Sands Resort.

11 June, 2009

Passport To Merlion City With Ashley a.k.a Boo

Yupsss... Boo is back in action again after missing in action for such a long time. What I had been up to? K, I'd been keeping myself back to work mode and get myself a nice rest after came back from a trip to Singapore from 28th May to 2nd June.

From "Passport To Europe With Samantha Brown"

To...... "Janet Hsieh's Fun Taiwan" & "Helen To's Tokyo Walker"

Watching all this travel documentary shows has been my favorite routines. How I wish I could be one of them in future. (Neh...... That's only happened in my dreams.) With my limited strength and energy, I won't be able like one of them.

Can you believe it ?? Only within 6 days, I had already get myself this......

But thanks to my "Little Friend" here : Yoko - Yoko (It's been accompanied me in my entire trip to release my muscle pain on my legs caused by over-walking)

So, do you wanna know what I did in Singapore?? Let's hop on and get yourself:

A copy of Singapore's map

A copy of "The Integrated MRT & LRT System Map"

As we will travel a lot using the MRT Stations Service
Come, let's join me
with a new episode of "Passport To Merlion City With Ashley a.k.a Boo", discover yourself the secret of "Merlion City"


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