27 May, 2009

Yeeeppie............ Boo Is Going For A Vacation !!!

Finally I got my another pair of Shoes which I had ordered from GoodArch.

Here how's the shoes look like:

Supposed it is black in color, but Mrs. Tan told me couple weeks ago that the black one is out of stock, and she was asking me pick another color. So instead of black, I had chose Navy Blue.

But when I got the shoes yesterday, I thought it was in black at the beginning but actually it was navy blue. So now I can wear it during my Singapore trip already.

Finally the day has come, tomorrow I will be leaving Malaysia going to Singapore for a week of vacation. (Just done my packing) Gosh!! Read a news online today by saying that now Singapore had been confirmed that got infected by Swine Flu (Or better known as H1N1). Looks like I better bring along my mask as well.

So I will be away from blogging for a week, will bring back more updates after my return to Malaysia. (Hope I can come back safely without quarantine.... CHOI!!!! CHOI!!! CHOI!!!)

Heh...... Heh......


Josephine Kiun said...

haha!! wah.. best la can go travelling.. im jealous.. i used to plan to go there too with one of classmates.. but dont have $$ yet.. haha.. hmm.. waiting for your post bout yur trip! =)

BOO said...

Sabarlah...... I'm still in the middle of editing pitchahs. Will Update my blog once finish editing job :)

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