23 May, 2009

Tina's Crazy Birthday Night

Weekend.... Yups.. It's weekend!! Should I Going for "Night At The Museum 2" with Sun or chilling out at Tina's birthday??? Arg!!!! Decision... Decision... And decision...

But final decision?? Still vote for Tina's birthday. Heh... Heh... According to the western calender Tina's birthday falls on the 10th June, but today she is celebrating her birthday according to the Chinese calender.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Sis Tina!!!!!!!

Thanks to Mrs. Chong (Tina's mom) for preparing us such a lovely dishes. Although having a birthday without birthday cake but still we all had a wonderful dinner tonight. As u can see the big smile in everyone's face.

Even the Little One wanted to chill out with the "Old Peoples"

Isn't she lovely??? Well, Her name is Carmen - Tina elder sister's daughter. She is already two years old. This little fellow loved to play around with our BIG BRO - Chee Kuan. "Ehem... ehem... CK, be careful o... think wisely cos you are playing with an UNDERAGE CHICKS. *Oh gosh!! Hope CK won't read this post, or else "DIE"."

Since it was a small small party, so there ain't any other entertainments. Well, actually Tina's mom suggested a session of Karaoke at home, without mic but even though the mic does existing we wouldn't want to disturb neighbors next door since it's already night time.

Thus, CK came out with an idea - Cards Game

It's been a tradition already, in order to warm up the atmosphere, usually CK will start up with some magics and tricks as well as today's special - LAW & REGULATIONS WERE INCLUDED, who ever lost in a game he or she shall be punished by the rest of the players in any ways.

Oh man!!! You really crazy CK. Be alert!!! Who knows you might be the LUCKY NUMBER 1.

So are you ready??? Boys & girls....

The game starts....... Everyone was very concentrate (Yeah!!! Everyone is scare of the punishment) Look how serious the face while the game of "Heart Attack" in progress......

You guys might be wondering whose the LUCKY NUMBER 1 in the first round, right???

"Tada!!!! The LUCKY NUMBER 1 goes to....

Yeppie!!! CK the FUNNY MAN. How co-incidence??? He's the one who made the TRAP, and now he's the first one to open the "DOOR" of the punishment. But of course, as a friend of him, we were kind-hearted enough only requested him to sing a birthday song for the birthday girl of the day in four languages.

"Go!!! CK!! Go!! CK!!". With the title of "K-King" given to you, singing a tradition birthday song in four languages. "It's just a piece of cake for you, don't you think??" Heh... Heh...

NOTE: "But.... Hey bro, sing and sing. Please-lah don't ever change people's lyrics. Who teach you sing like this......"

"Selamat Jadi Hari, Selamat Jadi Hari...
Selamat Jadi Hari Tina, Selamat Jadi Hari..."

Meanwhile the original lyrics goes like this....

"Selamat Hari Jadi, Selamat Hari Jadi...
Selamat Hari Jadi Tina, Selamat Hari Jadi ..."

Thus, everyone laugh like hell.

It took us about an hour to recover before the next round begin. At the meantime, Imelda suggested all of us proceed to my house to watch DVDs next. (Yup!!! I bought myself a copy of Thai horror movies "Coming Soon".) But the plan had been postpone after I'm coming back from my trip to Singapore next week.

After resting for a while, round 2 of the game started again.... guess what??? I think CK should buy himself a lottery ticket later.. who knows he might hits the jackpot as lucky as he hits the "Punishment" twice today. Heh... Heh,,, Actually speaking about the round 2 game, It was so close that I become the next VICTIM, cos in the game of "Heart Attack", whoever cards left the most, he or she will consider the loser. Thank God, after calculating CK's cards five pieces more than me.

So once again, let's us put our hands together as CK's gonna perform the "Hula Dance" with the tune "Only You" requested by me and Break Dance. It's damm so funny, Tina's mom even offered a "Sarong" for CK but he had rejected.

Tina said CK's Break Dance more like a Mr. Bean's Dance instead of Break Dance. Err.... I don't know, all I know is I was ROLLING on the floor after seeing CK's actions.

Once again, wishing the birthday girl - Tina : "A very "Happy Birthday", be good be nice not only for yourself but to Koch either, do cherish each other.

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