19 May, 2009

Just For Fun :)

For those who really know me well... I'm sure you guys do know that I really hate taking photos. Because I don't think I'm photogenic kind of girl, furthermore I hate that I got a crossed eyes.

But last night, after I took my bath and start blowing my wet hair in front of the mirror. Out of sudden, I thought of something been told by DJ Mei Yan (MY FM's DJ).

She said :

"When we smile, we are not just smile with our mouth, but with our heart."

"During photo shooting, try to focus on happy moments not sad moments, when our mind is full of happiness, sure our expression is happy. On the other hand, if our mind is full of sadness, sure our expression is moody."

Here are some shots I took... (Without glasses)

Personally, I do love below this two shots. Heh... Heh...



While the rest as below :










Do enjoy !!!

PS: Please cast your vote which piece of face you all like the most by placing a comment for me. Or do tell me which one you all hate the most. I will be waiting :)

1 comment:

Josephine Kiun said...

wah... SS la.. hahahaha...
mm... vote ar? ok la.. I vote pic #1 as the one that I like most followed by pic #2 and #6.. hehe..

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