27 May, 2009

Yeeeppie............ Boo Is Going For A Vacation !!!

Finally I got my another pair of Shoes which I had ordered from GoodArch.

Here how's the shoes look like:

Supposed it is black in color, but Mrs. Tan told me couple weeks ago that the black one is out of stock, and she was asking me pick another color. So instead of black, I had chose Navy Blue.

But when I got the shoes yesterday, I thought it was in black at the beginning but actually it was navy blue. So now I can wear it during my Singapore trip already.

Finally the day has come, tomorrow I will be leaving Malaysia going to Singapore for a week of vacation. (Just done my packing) Gosh!! Read a news online today by saying that now Singapore had been confirmed that got infected by Swine Flu (Or better known as H1N1). Looks like I better bring along my mask as well.

So I will be away from blogging for a week, will bring back more updates after my return to Malaysia. (Hope I can come back safely without quarantine.... CHOI!!!! CHOI!!! CHOI!!!)

Heh...... Heh......

23 May, 2009

Tina's Crazy Birthday Night

Weekend.... Yups.. It's weekend!! Should I Going for "Night At The Museum 2" with Sun or chilling out at Tina's birthday??? Arg!!!! Decision... Decision... And decision...

But final decision?? Still vote for Tina's birthday. Heh... Heh... According to the western calender Tina's birthday falls on the 10th June, but today she is celebrating her birthday according to the Chinese calender.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Sis Tina!!!!!!!

Thanks to Mrs. Chong (Tina's mom) for preparing us such a lovely dishes. Although having a birthday without birthday cake but still we all had a wonderful dinner tonight. As u can see the big smile in everyone's face.

Even the Little One wanted to chill out with the "Old Peoples"

Isn't she lovely??? Well, Her name is Carmen - Tina elder sister's daughter. She is already two years old. This little fellow loved to play around with our BIG BRO - Chee Kuan. "Ehem... ehem... CK, be careful o... think wisely cos you are playing with an UNDERAGE CHICKS. *Oh gosh!! Hope CK won't read this post, or else "DIE"."

Since it was a small small party, so there ain't any other entertainments. Well, actually Tina's mom suggested a session of Karaoke at home, without mic but even though the mic does existing we wouldn't want to disturb neighbors next door since it's already night time.

Thus, CK came out with an idea - Cards Game

It's been a tradition already, in order to warm up the atmosphere, usually CK will start up with some magics and tricks as well as today's special - LAW & REGULATIONS WERE INCLUDED, who ever lost in a game he or she shall be punished by the rest of the players in any ways.

Oh man!!! You really crazy CK. Be alert!!! Who knows you might be the LUCKY NUMBER 1.

So are you ready??? Boys & girls....

The game starts....... Everyone was very concentrate (Yeah!!! Everyone is scare of the punishment) Look how serious the face while the game of "Heart Attack" in progress......

You guys might be wondering whose the LUCKY NUMBER 1 in the first round, right???

"Tada!!!! The LUCKY NUMBER 1 goes to....

Yeppie!!! CK the FUNNY MAN. How co-incidence??? He's the one who made the TRAP, and now he's the first one to open the "DOOR" of the punishment. But of course, as a friend of him, we were kind-hearted enough only requested him to sing a birthday song for the birthday girl of the day in four languages.

"Go!!! CK!! Go!! CK!!". With the title of "K-King" given to you, singing a tradition birthday song in four languages. "It's just a piece of cake for you, don't you think??" Heh... Heh...

NOTE: "But.... Hey bro, sing and sing. Please-lah don't ever change people's lyrics. Who teach you sing like this......"

"Selamat Jadi Hari, Selamat Jadi Hari...
Selamat Jadi Hari Tina, Selamat Jadi Hari..."

Meanwhile the original lyrics goes like this....

"Selamat Hari Jadi, Selamat Hari Jadi...
Selamat Hari Jadi Tina, Selamat Hari Jadi ..."

Thus, everyone laugh like hell.

It took us about an hour to recover before the next round begin. At the meantime, Imelda suggested all of us proceed to my house to watch DVDs next. (Yup!!! I bought myself a copy of Thai horror movies "Coming Soon".) But the plan had been postpone after I'm coming back from my trip to Singapore next week.

After resting for a while, round 2 of the game started again.... guess what??? I think CK should buy himself a lottery ticket later.. who knows he might hits the jackpot as lucky as he hits the "Punishment" twice today. Heh... Heh,,, Actually speaking about the round 2 game, It was so close that I become the next VICTIM, cos in the game of "Heart Attack", whoever cards left the most, he or she will consider the loser. Thank God, after calculating CK's cards five pieces more than me.

So once again, let's us put our hands together as CK's gonna perform the "Hula Dance" with the tune "Only You" requested by me and Break Dance. It's damm so funny, Tina's mom even offered a "Sarong" for CK but he had rejected.

Tina said CK's Break Dance more like a Mr. Bean's Dance instead of Break Dance. Err.... I don't know, all I know is I was ROLLING on the floor after seeing CK's actions.

Once again, wishing the birthday girl - Tina : "A very "Happy Birthday", be good be nice not only for yourself but to Koch either, do cherish each other.

19 May, 2009

Just For Fun :)

For those who really know me well... I'm sure you guys do know that I really hate taking photos. Because I don't think I'm photogenic kind of girl, furthermore I hate that I got a crossed eyes.

But last night, after I took my bath and start blowing my wet hair in front of the mirror. Out of sudden, I thought of something been told by DJ Mei Yan (MY FM's DJ).

She said :

"When we smile, we are not just smile with our mouth, but with our heart."

"During photo shooting, try to focus on happy moments not sad moments, when our mind is full of happiness, sure our expression is happy. On the other hand, if our mind is full of sadness, sure our expression is moody."

Here are some shots I took... (Without glasses)

Personally, I do love below this two shots. Heh... Heh...



While the rest as below :










Do enjoy !!!

PS: Please cast your vote which piece of face you all like the most by placing a comment for me. Or do tell me which one you all hate the most. I will be waiting :)

11 May, 2009

I'm Tired With The School Kids

Ok, first the all I have to apologize to all my fellow readers out there for being slow updates lately. Since I'd been skipping lotsa of posts this year. But then, that doesn't mean that I'm totally giving up in blogging business anymore. Actually, there were too many things happening around me each day. It's seems everyday got new topics popping out in my mind. (No matter when?? Where?? How?? In the school, In my room, In front of my working desk - They all are pending in my "Post Box" now, just waiting me to jot down the full stories one by one whenever I got time and most important thing is - MOOD.) For your information, "BOO won't proceed to blog when she is not in the right mood to blog." Cos, if forcing myself to blog whenever I'm not in the right mood, my post for that day will end up with a mess. (So now, I guess you all know when I'm in the right mood and when I'm not?? After you guys touring each of my blog post previously, right??)

Oh, I better stop babbling so much and get back to my story today. I'm kinda felt like wanting to dig a hole for myself to scream as loud as I can.

"TAM KANG !!! Stop talking nonsense to me whenever I'm in the middle of my busyness, PLEASE!!!"

Yeah, recently I had been noticed that I'm hardly to get myself certain job to be done on time or I may take couple of weeks to get a certain job done. This is my fault, since I can't concentrating on my job while there were many students "on and off" kept talking to me while I want to get my job done.

I'm often showing my moody face to the students inside library. (Who ask them kept talking nonsense while people is in their middle of busyness?)

"Haiz...... I'm so emotional!!!"

I was nearly arguing with this kid today. Well, the entire story goes like this:

"During second recess (rest time for the lower forms kids), as usual library was fully packed. And I was totally busy till the peak, I didn't even get a chance to stick with my chair. So usually I will keep my mouth shut and put on my serious face while concentrating on my duties. But still, most of the kids not afraid of me. Especially, this little fellow named Tam kang.

Tam Kang was one of my "good helper" (Librarian) in the library and I think he was cute though, but the only thing that I dislike him is that he much talkative as I can imagine. He always got something to tell me, well I'm not saying that I'm tiring to listen he's nonsense, but it's must be in the right time, not in the middle of my busiest moment. So I'm often giving him a scold.

But today, he was totally making me mad of him. It's been a long time I didn't have such feeling like "Ok, enough!!! I don't want to see your face at this moment!!" I felt it again today, actually i was asking him to tidy up the blazers from the broken plastic bag since all of them messed around on the floor. (In a funny way)

It goes like this:

"Hey, Mr. Laundry Boy (Tam Kang), can you help me to tidy up those blazers on the floor, please?"

But he refused to do that with a reason saying that "For the sake of my dignity, I refused to do it." Oh my God, I never thought that asking a guy to fold a cloths will caused them to lost their dignity. So after wasting a long time to beg him for the help, finally I'm giving up without staring at him... I told him: "Ok fine, Time's up!!" Get back to your class. I was totally disappointed with his attitude." So thing's a bit considered over.

But later on, in the afternoon while I thought he's not gonna turned himself up in the library anymore, but surprisingly he did turned up. (His friends told me that he looked sad and depressed sitting at the canteen) They said he acted that way because I was calling him "Tam - The Laundry Boy" this morning. Oh well, that's what he been upset about. After knowing the matters, I realized that I might had done wrong too... So, I get to apologize with him. There you go the "Happy-Go-Lucky" Tam Kang is back.

The lesson I'd learned today is careful whenever throwing a single word from our mouth, there might some peoples who can't accept what's been thrown out.

Ok, I'm keeping that inside of me and won't repeated the same mistakes again.

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