27 April, 2009

Mrs. Ronald McDonald Is In Town

Oh well, this is ain't any McDonald hamburger commercial break. I'm just trying to focus on Mr Ronald McDonald's red shoes. Heh... Heh... (Since it's quite hard for me to get a Mr. Ronald McDonald's picture from the net.)

So, finally I got my "Special Shoes". They had already arrived safely and landed at my room which I had ordered two pairs last month (Pink & Black). Only one of them (Pink) arrived while the black one Mrs. Tan told me that it might takes some times to arrive.

This is how the "Special shoes" look like...

And the most important components of the shoes - The Shoes Arch . This is the most expensive components which made my shoes cost that high. (RM3,000 above)

My first impression when I had my first try on the shoes was that "I'm Mrs. Ronald McDonald now!!!" Wakakakaa.... Stop nonsense.

Mom says, my feet used to be obviously crooked when I walk with my old shoes. But the problem had an improvement when I try to walk with the new shoes. (Which my crookedness seems not so obvious) Well, it is indeed a good news :)

The bad news is.... Well how am I gonna match my shoes with the cloths that I wear at work??? It is so unmatchable :( forgot to say my dinner dresses as well??? *crying*

Last but not least, from now on I must take 100% more caution. Cos the most expensive shoes is on my feet now. I'm afraid to be kidnapped..... OUCH!!!!! *Keeping Eyes From Stranger*

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