27 April, 2009

Mrs. Ronald McDonald Is In Town

Oh well, this is ain't any McDonald hamburger commercial break. I'm just trying to focus on Mr Ronald McDonald's red shoes. Heh... Heh... (Since it's quite hard for me to get a Mr. Ronald McDonald's picture from the net.)

So, finally I got my "Special Shoes". They had already arrived safely and landed at my room which I had ordered two pairs last month (Pink & Black). Only one of them (Pink) arrived while the black one Mrs. Tan told me that it might takes some times to arrive.

This is how the "Special shoes" look like...

And the most important components of the shoes - The Shoes Arch . This is the most expensive components which made my shoes cost that high. (RM3,000 above)

My first impression when I had my first try on the shoes was that "I'm Mrs. Ronald McDonald now!!!" Wakakakaa.... Stop nonsense.

Mom says, my feet used to be obviously crooked when I walk with my old shoes. But the problem had an improvement when I try to walk with the new shoes. (Which my crookedness seems not so obvious) Well, it is indeed a good news :)

The bad news is.... Well how am I gonna match my shoes with the cloths that I wear at work??? It is so unmatchable :( forgot to say my dinner dresses as well??? *crying*

Last but not least, from now on I must take 100% more caution. Cos the most expensive shoes is on my feet now. I'm afraid to be kidnapped..... OUCH!!!!! *Keeping Eyes From Stranger*

17 April, 2009

D.T. In Da House (Part 2)

"Carbonara Spaghetti... Chicken wings... Pan Pizzas... Lamb Chop... Fish & Chips...Lime juices..." Oh noo........ Daniel!!! You better stop ordering or else we can't finish up the food served on table tonight. Heh... Heh...

Gosh... Feels like my tummy is getting to explode. So this is the second part of my "D.T. In Da House" post. Just got back from another gathering with Daniel and the gang. (Continue from last night)

As planned by Daniel earlier on, we gonna have another gathering tonight. He picked me up for dinner with other ex - schoolmates around 6.30PM followed by his three little cousins. Surprisingly, when I entered Dan's car, I'd noticed that this very familiar face - It's Luther Chong (One of my school kid who is very good in Chinese Debate) I never know that what a small small world indeed KK was.

During in the car, Daniel asked Luther about the direction to the place where we were about to have our dinner (Since Daniel being away from KK for such a long time and hardly to recognize the way). Luther's answer was "Lintas", and I just stay in silent mode not until I figured it out they actually suggested going to Upperstar for dinner. Thus, I cut through their conversation "Upperstar KK branch or Damai branch??" "Lintas got new Upperstar?? Why I don't know???" So, been realized that we were in the wrong way, Daniel quickly made a move back to Damai.

Upperstar - A common place where lotsa of youngsters loved to gather around to have a nice drink session, dinner or even birthday occasions. Tonight also the same, the place packed with crowds. But I guess our luck was not bad though, since we managed to get ourselves parking lot and seats easily. (With food serving in just a blink of eyes) I thought they gonna be a whole bunch of us joined for the dinner, but Daniel told me Linnet was the only one who's gonna showed up while the rest were still busy rushing their work at YMM Center (Youth Movement Malaysia) But will be meeting them right after our dinner. So we were like spending about two and a half hours eating and chit - chatting at Upperstar. Food that we had ordered was actually a little bit too much for us (6 persons) but still.. We managed to finish up all of them. (GOSH!! I'M GOING TO SKIP MY BREAKFAST THE NEXT MORNING)

After finishing our dinner, we decided to take a stroll at Citymall. (Since Daniel wanted to find printer ink for his dad) Yes!! It's a good idea, I'm seriously need some exercises after a heavy dinner. So we had spent another half an hour inside the mall before they closed down around 10PM. Moving further, we proceeded to YMM to meet the rest of the gang like E Ling, Alastair, Christ, Jenny.

Actually I had never step myself into YMM Center for all this while. This is my first time, YMM was located at Lintas just upstairs the Yoyo Cafe (Another youngster's favorite spot to hang around with a nice cup of bubble tea) By the time we arrived, everyone was busy preparing materials for their Recycle Campaign in the next day. Everyone was exited to meet Daniel, so I guess wherever there is Daniel, the place will no longer be quiet. Everybody joking around, chit-chatting, making fun. I loved the environment.

Before we left the place we managed to get an ex - classmates group photo. (Someone said that the photo that we took more like a YMM meeting than ex - schoolmates gathering.) Heh... Heh...

From left: Daniel, me, Linnet, Jenny, Christ, E Ling & Alastair

So often people says "The happiest moments is the fattest moments to flyaway". Not realizing the time, it's almost time to say goodbye. Daniel still need to catch his flight back to Australia the next day while the rest still need to go for work.

Before everyone was dismissed, Daniel had a little gifts for each and everyone of us. Look what's he had ready for us??

It's Australia Chocolates and Australia key chain. "Thanks.... Daniel!!!"

We will miss you... Take good care of yourself and have a pleasant flight. We shall do another gathering someday again when you are coming back to KK :)

P/S: Ooops.... And I will be waiting your finest home made Carbonara Spaghetti since you said your cooking is better than the Upperstar's cooking. Heh!!! Heh!!!

D.T. In Da House (Part 1)

Yea!!! Uh Hmm... Uh Hmm... D. T. in the house. Oops!!! Don't get me wrong with my "Shout Out" in Facebook.

Since everybody thought that D. T. which I mentioned in my Facebook is David Tao (The Well-known singer from Taiwan)

But actually the one I'm referred to is Daniel Tiong (My ex-schoolmate from high school)

Haven't seen him around for couple of years. Since our last gathering was about two years ago at Waterfront. Although we were busy with our own life, but still we won't missed out any chances to meet up whenever Daniel is paying his visit back to Malaysia - A schoolmates' re-union is a MUST.

Received Daniel's message through Facebook saying that he will be coming back to KK couple of weeks ago. And another SMS from him yesterday. "Let's meet up tonight!!!"

So here we are last night, a gathering with Daniel and some of the ex-schoolmates like Alastair Fong, E Ling, Christ Hee, Siaw Chin at The Old Station located at Citymall.

A weird gathering indeed - Well that's what Christ thought of it. Yeah!!! I was thinking in that way too. Why?? For Christ, I don't know what's on her mind. But as for me, it was because I felt that I was the only "Alien" in the gang. How come?? Because, all of them were in the Science Stream while I'm in the Art Stream back to Form 5. Even like that, we still ever studied in the same class for few years (So still consider "We are classmates" though.)

So during the night, I was keeping my mouth "ZIPPED" most of the time. Cos for the girls they had their own topics, as for Daniel and Alastair - I wouldn't want to interrupt their man's talk. But thank goodness, Daniel did noticed my boredom-ness and on and off gets me into their conversations. So basically, my night was not that boring as I thought.

We were staying inside The Old Station until 12 midnight.The rain seems giving us a sign that "TIME TO GO HOME NOW" . So, before living the place, Daniel suggested that having dinner together in the next day."Ok!! Dan, I'm in :)". See you again tonight.

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