03 March, 2009

Movie Outing : Love Matters

Ok last Sunday I had just get to watch a Singapore movie by the name "Love Matters" with my gang of friends at Golden Screen Cinema, KK. The movie was directed by Singapore well-known director - Jack Neo.Overall the movie was damn so funny (I laugh until my tears splashed out none stop).

Altogether, they were four of us (Me, Imelda, Chee Ping and Steven). We were expecting for the 9:15PM show. Chee Ping came and fetched me and Imelda while Steven arrived a bit earlier at the cinema to catch up with our movie tickets.

At last, thank God we managed to get in time. Why did i say so??? Ahaha.... Well, we weren't late?? - Actually we entered the wrong cinema. Supposed we were gonna watch the "Love Matters" in Cinema 2 but we had entered Cinema 3 which was showing "Ong Bak 2" at that time. Does it sound ridiculous??? The funny part was that the conductor didn't even noticed about it when we handed our tickets to him. It was like we had spent about 10 minutes in the Cinema 3, not until Chee Ping raised out : "Ain't you guys think that we had entered the wrong cinema and watching the wrong movies?"

Thus, the four of us quickly made our move and headed to Cinema 2 - where the exact cinema showing the "Love Matters". Sigh.......

About the movie... Here are the Sypnosis

“Love Matters” is a movie revolves around three main protagonists –

52 year old Tan Bo Seng, 17 year old Benny his teenage son and 36 year old Jeremy, Bo Seng’s ‘adopted’ brother – and their accidental journey in seeking and keeping love and happiness.

Bo Seng (Henry Thia) leads a routine life. Attempts to revive the passion with his wife Jia Li (Yeo Yann Yann) cannot improve their stale love life.

Jeremy (Jack Lim) lives a colourful life, colourful in reference to his long list of girlfriends. “Never to commit” is his motto for love.

Benny (Alex Leong) has just school life, his only vice is anything to do with the computer, his only distraction is his crush, Jennifer (Natalli), his classmate’s girl.

Bo Seng & Jia Li the old fashion couple has more misses than hits in the love department and a series of madness spin off one night …

Jeremy meets Benny’s teacher, Ms Wong (Cheryl Lee) - a lady, unlike the wild things he has had. His charm wins him her heart, but his Casanova means refuse to take a back seat, a new lady friend threatens to change his life …

Benny starts to see hope in relationships, when Jennifer notices him and invites him over to her place. Over the visit, Jennifer’s friendly attention, takes a turn into something that Benny wish he has not been…

“Love Matters” is a humorous and entertaining look at love, happiness and issues concerning our straight laced society. It is full of trade-mark Jack Neo’s laugh-a-minute jokes and situations yet combined with a sensitive look at how we deal with issues concerning matters of the heart.

The Teaser

For those haven't watch the movie, do get yourself in the cinema and be sure that you are old enough to watch the movie. Heh.. Heh..

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