01 March, 2009

Kids In Action !!! (They Love My Camera)

This afternoon I was accompanying my friend (Imelda) having her "Brunch" in City Mall's food court. Then we had came across a funny moments, where there were two little cute kids age around 3 or 4 approached us.

Both Imelda and I was curious about it. Not until we found out that, they actually interested with the hand phone which held in my hand. (I was actually sending SMS to a friend that time.) So I can't help myself to shoot them with my hand phone since they came near to us.

These two little fellows seems not satisfied yet, I thought I'd scared them off. But I was wrong they were even keep following me. So I gave another shots.... Heh !! Heh!!!

The Younger Brother

The Elder Brother - He is more "POWERFUL" until his "Go Go Power Rangers Pose" also came out already *FAINTED*

The elder brother even more naughty, he kept playing his eyes with us. You know... those more like *FLIRTING* eyes. Lolz... So in return, Imelda and I had decided to give him back our *FLIRTING EYES*... Akekekek....

Now I know "Who loves camera the most?" , the answer is "Kids" .

You guys don't believe it ? Here's the proved :

Richard - My dad friend's kid

Ah Loy - My cousins' "Little Emperor"

Ok, that's all from me today. I got to get ready as I'm going to watch the "Love Matters" movie tonight with my buddies. Will blog about it later on.

"Love Matters" - Here I come...... :)


Charlton said...

the kid in the orange shirt is cute la.. :)

BOO said...

Charlton : Yes!!! But his elder brother lagi handsome :) Knows how to flirting with girls.

Charlton said...

walao.. so cheeky ar.. haha... well, u know kids... xD

Josephine Kiun said...

haha.. tiz is funny!!
but honestly, kids rili do LOVE cameras.. they love d attention and ol tat.. my nephew was like tat too.. evry gaya tat dey tink s "yeng" pun come out.. haha..

BOO said...

Jo: it's true !!! All kids are the same.

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