09 March, 2009

It's Monday But With "Sunday" Mood

It's Sunday!!! It's Monday!!! It's ....

Tzk!!! Tzk!!! Tzk!!! Opps... Do forgive my craziness... I guess I need more holidays to relax my mind already. ("Engine" jam :P)

Today was Public Holiday. Yippie!!! What?? Holiday again?? Let me check what "Big Day" was today *CHECKING THE CALENDER* Oh.... It was Maulid Nabi Muhammad S.A.W (Only in Malaysia).

As usual my body alarm woke me up... after washing and cleaning, taken light breakfast (Yupp!! Very light.) I was planing to spend my day break staying at home online-ing. Cos nowadays, dad and mom seldom take us go to window shopping. Most of the time staying at home. What a boring life :( but thank God I still have Facebook, CSP Forum, my Blog to play with at least can reduce my boredom, I was chatting with my ex primary schoolmates - Amylin.

Not until...

"Ring!!! Ring!!! Ring!!!" *Hand phone ringing* It's Imelda. Oh well again :) Yup!! She'd been appeared in my blog several times. (One of "The Best" friend of mine.) She's calling me out for window shopping. Oh well, I didn't feel any Monday mood but the Sunday mood were strong enough to conquer my cell blood. (Maybe because the both of us practicing the same routine - Window shopping almost every Sunday.)

As usual, our sessions of shopping won't be complete without any extra combo like "Breakfast", "Lunch" or sometimes "Brunch". But the two of us had been tired and starving ... Since we been running around the mall to find myself a pair of new shoes for working purpose. (It's been the hardest task for me to find myself a pair of right shoes) - Until everyone surrounding suggested me to visit the special shoe maker to make a special pair of shoes. (I kept rejected cos I don't want to be "The Forrest Gump II", moreover making a pair of special shoes is much more pricey compare with those selling in the market.)

Ok, no more "shoes talk". Supposed, I want to blog about food today. Yes!!! After being tired and starving from my "Shoe Hunting", Imelda and I had decided to "cure" our hungry stomach. After our discussion on what should we take for our "Brunch". Finally both of us came out with the same answer ---> Kenny Roger's Roasted Chicken.

Well speaking about Kenny Roger's, I can't stop thinking of their Macaroni Cheese. They were so tempting. Here's the set lunch that I used to ordered: (With a glass of Iced Lemon Tea)

Main Course: Macaroni Cheeze

Appetizer: Fresh Fruits

Side Dish: Chocolate Muffins

Lolz.... Hungry!!! Hungry!!! But for me, this set of lunch is quite pricey - Can you imagine all these food had cost me a total bill of RM30 (Tax included) per pax. But I do enjoy eating the macaroni cheezeee..... It's so Cheezeeey.... :) and the Chocolate Muffin is sooooooo CHOCOLATE !!!

Well, I didn't managed to get myself a new pair of shoes. I guess I'm gonna forced to visit the special shoes maker soon and be the next "Forrest Gump" (Female Version).

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