15 March, 2009

A Day @ GoodArch

Well it's not prediction but the fact. Finally I had to get myself to visit the "Special Shoes Maker".

Early as ten in the morning dad, mom and me didn't had the chance to take our breakfast. (We were rushing for an important appointment - meeting with the Shoe Maker which is located in Alamesra nearby kingfisher Park just apposite to the 1 Borneo Hypermall)

GoodArch was the product's name and Cunda Health Solutions Sdn Bhd was their appointed Distributor which is selling Nano Far-Infrared Corrective Arch Support.

Other then that there were also selling other stuffs like Energy Waist Band, Energy Neck Band and so on.

Before Mr. & Mrs. Tan (The shop owner) examine my feet, they actually given us a short explanation on the foot arch. Ur... ok it's a quite long one for that session, followed by a demonstration on mom. Then the next thing was focusing on me, Mrs. Tan took a piece of paper and the ink pad. While dad tried telling the history behind the story of my feet. (Sigh..... it's been an ordinary scenes for me already whenever dad try to telling everybody about my history. And I'm already get used with it.) At the mean time, Mrs. Tan took my footprint while listening to dad's story, according to her - the purpose of taking my footprints is for their convenience to send my details all the way to Taiwan as my future shoes will be manufacturer in Taiwan. Gosh!!! What a distance... That's why you all no need ask for how much is a pair of shoes cost me. It's DEFINITELY EXPENSIVE comparing those shoes selling in local market.

After the process of taking my footprint, the next step was choosing the right pattern of shoes for me. Here you can find quite varieties of shoes in the shop. From sandals, school's shoes to working high heels & sport shoes. According to Mrs. Tan the function is in the foot arch not in the shoes. But customers have to order the foot arch along with the shoes provided since the shoes is mainly for the foot arch. Other shoes might not suitable for putting the shoes arch this may caused the lost of the function of the arch.

The foot arch carries a function which it helps us to re-order our spines, improve our blood circulation and walking posture. From what I had seen from the picture of some testimonials shown that patients with a bad situations much improved a lot after using their shoes. And one of my school's kid also been using them. The result?? She was very impressed with the result. But how far it can help me?? I don't know... Just hope that there's a miracle.


Anonymous said...

hi, so does it works?

BOO said...

Erm...... Not perfect but got improvement :)

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