29 March, 2009

Back To GoodArch Again For Photo Sessions

Got called up by Mrs. Tan from GoodArche again couple of days ago, and this time they had called me back for a photo session. Yup!! Having foot problem such like me being often treated as "White Rat". *Don't ask me why, already get used with it*

So after the lessons that we learned from previous visit "MUST TOOK BREAKFAST BEFORE HEADING TO GOODARCHE" - Why??? Because usually it will take us a long time to stay over there by dad's millions millions of question. *SIGH*

At first I thought that Mrs Tan taking my photos using a proper camera but unfortunately, she was using her Nokia brand of camera phone. So the idea of asking Mrs Tan to transfer the photos via Bluetooth popped in mind. And unfortunately once again, she said her phone got minor problem which can't find the image folder manually accept transfer through computers. OMG!!! So as a result I can't get any single of soft copy for my photos. So have to forget about the business. Thereafter the end of photo session, she took my footprint once again before sending it along with my photo to Taiwan for further procedures of my special shoes making which will takes about a month. Hopefully I can get it before end of May :)

Soon or later, after settled down the business, we hanged around again at 1 Borneo due to that was the only shopping spot around the area. Actually I don't really like to hang around at 1 Borneo for some reasons such as distance faraway from home, it's a quite boring place with pricey goods. During our stay at the mall, we did noticed something that really drew our attentions. Gosh !!! It's a huge fluffy doggie :) sitting still inside a pets shop.

Thus, we made our move into the pets shop. And I took the opportunity grabbing my camera phone and snapped it successfully.

It was a quite well-trained dog all I can say. Even dad plays "Hand - Hand" with it, quite good respond from the dog. (Dad even took photo with the dog)

After few hours loitering around the mall, finally we made our move back home. Just before stepped out, dad bought two pieces of "Hot Roll" with Curry Rendang and Chicken flavour cost us around RM6 each piece which I think not worthy to buy.

As for me, I got myself a pair of sandals. Since my old sandals nearly "DEAD", it's time for a change.

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