22 February, 2009

K - Session @ KK Box (Let's Sing Along ...... )

So as planned early as a week ago, finally my friends and I had once again stepped in ourselves inside the room of KK Box.

Seriously, I really need a suitable time and place to scream out (After a stressful week of work) I'm not saying that I'd been busy throughout the weeks, but I'm just stuck!!! You know, totally stuck at work, where you don't know where to start your work. (Although the job that had queued up in front of me much easier than ABC's) Oh yes... My department (Library) had a new "Conqueror" - which is much better than the previous one. She is a lovely old lady who always puts a smile on the face and so often came out with new ideas in order to keep the library upgrading. Does it mean GOOD NEWS or BAD NEWS ?


Good News --> Yes !!! Definitely, that's means our library is "growing up"

But.... The...

Bad News --> Oh no !!! That's means more heavy duties is coming to our ways

I don't want the Old Time Disaster repeating again. (For those who had been working with me in the same company previously, YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS) "Tension" is all I can described, although this time is much lighter than the previous one. (Yeah, I still can bear it on my shoulder, only don't know when it gets to collapse)

Hopefully it won't *Praying So Hard*

Ok... back to topic, in the entire of K - Sessions, it's seems doesn't lift me up to the highness. Although I did really felt much relief, but it seems the mood inside of me doesn't drove me to grab the mic like usual to sing on top of my voice, most of the time I just kept my ear wide open and listened my buddies sing.

The only song I sang completely was 雙子星 by 光良. (Duet with Tina)

(Actually, I had my long list of songs like "Beautiful Girl" by Sean Kingston, few tunes from Westlife and many many more)

But.... *SIGH* moody spoiled everything. Even I didn't take much of photos though. (Most of the photos today taken by my friends - Steven and Chee Kuan.)

Hoping that the next outing will be much better. Right after a three hours of K - Session, the day still early - so we had decided to loiter around the complex. It was raining, while waiting the raindrops stop falling on the ground we had a little rest at the food court.

Instead of buying the drinks inside the food court, Tina and I preferred to buy our milky tea outside the food court.

Tina chose the Yam flavored, while I go for the Lavender (Lavender --> for calm and relaxing) Yup !!! That's what I need the most now. (Tina dislike the smell, but I just love it so much. The only thing was that "It's just too sweet" for me.)

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