15 February, 2009

Hanson Ngui's Full Moon Celebration @ Royal China

Once again "Happy Belated Valentine's" to all my sweet sweet readers out there. How's everyone's Valentine's Day?? Have you guys received thousand of love greetings, lotsa of chocolates or even bed of roses?? As for me, I didn't received any love greetings, chocolates nor bed of roses. *Owh... Poor Boo Boo* :(

But..... I did received quite numbers of Valentine's greetings. (Of course not from the love ones but from those school kids) You know..... School kids.....Well, at least got someone greets me better than not a single of greetings at all. TeeHee!!!!! :)

Well, how am I spent my Valentines this year??? As jotted down in my previous post.I'll be going to attend my cousins baby's full moon dinner at Royal China also known as Tai Thong Restaurant.

Who's The VERY IMPORTANT PERSON of the night?? Of course none other than........ *Drum Beating*

Ooppps!!!! Ok... Ok... I know, "Be patient". There you go introducing new member of the Ngui's family - Hanson Ngui

Isn't he such a cute baby?? He slept soundly inside his baby chair on that night without bothering the noise made by all aunties & uncles surrounding. I kept snapping him in different angles using my hand phone (Oh yea!! I didn't bring my camera that night, cos dad took it along with him to his Cambodia Trip with mom)

As I enjoying shooting little baby Hanson, Hanson's elder brother - Jonathan came near me. "Sista!! Sista!! I want *SNAP! SNAP* too...."

"Ok... No problem!!!" I said.

*Ka-Cha!!!!* Charming little Jonathan sitting besides granny while eating his coconut pudding.

Jonathan loves to take photos. Last night, he kept asking me and other cousins to shoot him and let him see the photos. *FAINTED* Heh... Heh....

The dinner finished around 9PM, I thought it would be the end of my Valentine's Day. Not until Koch called me up : "Hey where are you now, Ash??? Tina and I were in Asia Radiant Dessert House now, wanna join us??? Jacky and Imelda will join later." Then I said : "Ok, will meet you guys in few minutes time." By the time I had reached the place, Imelda came along with Jacky bringing a long time no see friend either - Steven Chung. We were enjoying chit - chatting, watching TV and sucking our own cup of drinks. Then suddenly Milo ping a.k.a Chee Ping gave Imelda a call, so the idea of asking him to join us popped out followed by the "Big Brother" of our gang - Chee Kuan. Tina tried to message him early on, but no reply. We did try again to call, this time caught him. Yesh!!! He's in. (Cos it won't be fun if any one of us were left out)

Chee Kuan claimed that he was tired and busy the whole day. Yea!! He is indeed. (Can see it written down on his face though) Chee Kuan's not the only one who claimed tired but the sweet couple of the gang - Koch & Tina also claimed it as well. Because they had been out from home since early in the evening around 2PM. Whoap!!!!! *SALUTE* to both of them. We left the place around 12Midnight.

P/S: I'm putting a remark on the 22 Feb (Which is the next Sunday), someone suggested we should have a sessions of K-Lunch at KK Box. Everyone were agreed with the plan.... So we'll just waiting for the day to come. Clock ticking *Tick Tock Tick Tock*

To the K-King (Chee Kuan) & K-Queen (Imelda).......

"Starts clearing your throat now ... I want to see you guys sing like Brad Kane & Lea Salonga."

Don't know who they are??

Here's a video clips they singing the song "We Could Be In Love". (You can straightaway listen to their song either as you browsing through my blog.)

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