10 February, 2009

Boo Is Officially Home Alone With Lil Brother

Tired !!! Tired !!! Tired !!! You guys must be curios about "What the F.*.*.* that Boo screaming about??? Yeah.. I just done all my house chores. Damn tired so just a short updates from me today.

Yeah !!! Well.... Let me declare that now I'm officially home alone with my little brother at home. Both dad and mom went for Cambodia Trip this morning. Yes !!! (Or should I said : "Nooooooo...... My nightmare had just begun. Oh My Gawd !!!!) *SCREAMING*

Yea... I'd been forced to do the house chores all by myself without anyone's help :( from sweeping the floor, laundry, folding clothes, washing dishes to watering the plants, throwing rubbishes (Damn !! Tired) But thank God, I no need to cook. Heh... Heh... Well, speaking about cooking, honestly I have to surrender myself *Showing White Flag* Cos, I really don't know how to cook. (Shammed on me) So I just leave this Important Duty to my little brother. (He'd been worked as kitchen helper before. So, don't play play!!)

Ok, that's all from me today, I seriously needs a rest now. More updates about my "Home Alone Adventures" coming soon. So stay tunes :)

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