25 January, 2009

"GOODBYE To 2008 & HELLO To 2009" - Part 2

Sorry being busy not keeping my blog updates.... I know I should blog about this early on. But couldn't find a free time to blog. Furthermore, they were tonnes of photos waiting for me to process. Do forgive my so un-updated blog or skipped post blog. Heh !! Heh !!

This post gonna be the sequel of my previous "GOODBYE To 2008 & HELLO To 2009" - Part 1. According to the actual plan, supposed we were doing our countdown at 1 Borneo but looks like the management of 1 Borneo was letting us down. This is because by the time we arrived at he venue, every single shops at the hyper mall starts putting down their roller shutter. That's mean they were closed down early.

So we didn't managed to do the countdown as planned earlier on. There were no "Countdown Events" organized at 1 Borneo. Oh Holy Cow!!!! How come they don't have??? (The largest hyper mall currently in Sabah)So with a little bit disappointment, we just stroll around the mall and took some pictures (The decorations at 1 Borneo was quite "Fairy Tales".) We all started act like kids.

Here we were in the world of "Fair Tales".

I even met with one of my school's kid either - Queenie

Some of the "CUTE" mushrooms :)

Mr. Snowman

A shot taken from the second floor

So that's the end for our photo sessions down by the memory lane. But the year wouldn't be complete if there ain't any countdown celebration. Thus, we had joined the other gang of friends (Imelda, Rose and Bernard). They were waiting the countdown event at the Tg Aru Beach. It took us quite a decade of time to reach Tg Aru Beach (Due to the long traffic jam from 1 Borneo heading to Tg Aru directions.) On the way, we were spotted some road accident (A Prado type of four wheels vehicles totally 360 degrees rolled with it's four wheels pointing up to sky) Scary!!!!!

It took us about half an hour to reach at our countdown venue. The atmosphere was much different from 1 Borneo. It's much happening here!! With big crowd of peoples waiting for the countdown. While we were in the middle of waiting for the clock ticking to midnight, it's seems that "Photo Taking" was the only event that we can do at the moment. So, I was "rubbing" my "Machine Gun" and prepared to "Shoot". Rolled it!!! Babe....

"Miss Universe 2008"

Mr Muscle Man 2008

More random shot ...

Lovely couples - Koch & Tina

Fireworks display came from The Yacht House

So with the end of fantastic fireworks display, we had welcoming the year of 2009. Just before we left Tg Aru to Salim's - The 24 hours Indian Restaurant.. I managed to take some random shots again. (Yeah!! I won't missed any chances to shoot, if there's any. Heh... Heh...)

During our stay at Salim's, I managed to steal a shot again (Bernard and Imelda) Shhh.... Ain't they look like "Along" bargaining???

Bernard :"Hey!!! Ah Moi, when you want settle your debts???"

Imelda : "Oh!!! Mr. Handsome guy, please give me another 3 more days. I'm promised I will settle my debts as soon as possible."

Bernard : "Ok, another chance.... If still can't settle it down, you gonna "Die" !!!

Imelda : "Ok... Ok.... Thank you!!! You are such a nice "Along"!"

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